Common questions about fundraising on GoFundMe

  • 7 January 2022
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Common questions about fundraising on GoFundMe
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Hi all! We noticed some common questions about how fundraising works on GoFundMe. So we gathered a few to chat about. Let’s dive in.


How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding is when donors give money to help a fundraiser reach its goal. But here’s the important part– you need to share your fundraiser in order for it to work. 


How do I get my fundraiser noticed?

The most common way to get the word out about your GoFundMe is usually by sharing it on social media. Here’s a few easy tips that can go a long way: 

– Do personal outreaches first It can be really helpful to spend some time and reach out to your close contacts first before sharing it with other people. Having even one or two donations before posting to social media helps build trust and shows momentum.

– Share more than just your link. When you do share on social media sites, remember to add context! Just sharing your link without telling people anything about it tends to not be as successful. Rather than just saying “please help”, try explaining about your cause and why it’s important to you.


Once my fundraiser is “live,” will strangers see it and donate? 

Realistically, probably not. While sometimes people online might stumble across a fundraiser and give money to it, this is pretty unlikely if you haven’t shared and built initial momentum. 

Most of the time, the donations you raise come from people you already know in your network of family and friends. Sometimes, a fundraiser will go “viral” by getting noticed in the press or by a public figure, but it’s fairly rare. That’s why it’s so important to share your fundraiser


Can I raise donations anonymously?

We don’t really recommend it. It’s important for people to know who is running a fundraiser because donations usually come from people you know. We encourage mentioning these points in your story to help build trust:

– Who you are and what you’re raising money for

– How exactly the donations will be used 

– How the donations will reach the person you’re raising money for

The most common reason we see for people wanting to raise anonymously is because they’re embarrassed to ask for help. But we’ve seen time and time again that people’s communities surprise them– people are rarely judging us as much as we fear! If you’re nervous, reaching out to close friends personally first can sometimes help it not feel like such a big jump.


How do I get my fundraiser featured on the homepage?

The fundraisers on the GoFundMe homepage are automatically selected based on how many people are sharing and viewing those fundraisers. For the best chance of appearing on the homepage, we encourage focusing on sharing your fundraiser with your personal network of family and friends to gain momentum.


What if I don’t use social media?

A lot of people feel lost about where to start if they don’t use social media. Don’t worry—there are still plenty of ways to share your fundraiser with your community.You can reach people through email, printing out flyers, or phone calls. If someone you know has social media, ask them to share your fundraiser with their network to bring more attention to your cause. Learn more about how to get noticed without social media.


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6 replies

I feel embarrassed asking for help people like to judge you because they’re clueless to what struggles some of us faces in our daily lives.

It is definitely hard to ask someone for help.

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It’s definitely not easy @Plane Jane   Asking for help requires a lot of vulnerability. To help you overcome them, I recommend checking out our new post.



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Honestly i too was embarrassed at first, Its one that puts the boundaries on ourselves to not mess with one’s reputation, worrying about what others are  going to say, think and talk to put you down. The fear of getting judged, we all go through our problems and we all need a lift in times like these where we can move foward. Its something we all go through in life unfortunately. Theres no one in this world who hasnt fallen or needed help in their liftime . Theres a lot of generouse people out there that help because they know what it feels when your in need of help. I started a gofundme recently and I appreciate the help, no matter the quantity but the love that humanity shows, theres hope of people, its about patience and the people with good hearts helping you to lift us up!

I feel embarrassed asking people to help me get my business off the ground. I read the bible and it said ask and it shall be given unto you. I don't want to sound desperate but can someone please help me to start my lawn service 

Hi started to create go fund for my husband for he’s emergency surgery 2 days ago to help paying hospital bills.I shared it to my social media account.  and I’m embarrassed to ask for help I’m not that type of person asking help to anybody.  It gives me fear that anybody can judge me because me. I’ve been through a lot of hard times since my surgery also last January then my husband got surgery last November then he had to go to emergency surgery on Saturday. I just the help paying some of our medical bills and help putting food in our table since I’m taking time off to care of him while he’s recovering. Please share my go fund me I really need help at this time of difficult time my family go through. Thank you  

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