Does anyone have any advice if you already shared to social media?

  • 26 November 2021
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I’ve reached my halfway point, but I think it’s stuck there.  Anyone have advice on getting more steam on my gofundme?  I’ve gone to my Facebook groups, twitter, & unsuccessfully tried Reddit.  Any advice?


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Best of luck to you! I am kind of in the same boat. I had donations coming in at first and then it stopped. I also did Facebook and Twitter. Sorry I do not have any advice to offer! 


Hi there 🐸

  Ive recently just started my campaign. Barely a week in asking for $15k for moving, business, tools and medicine for my diabetes. I’m now at $200. I’ve been using FB, Twitter, and IG. I feel the more consistently I post updates with good photos the more success I will most likely have.
  I’m going to go to Staples in a few days to print off a few custom signs I’ll be making today with my campaign link.
  Then I’ll put one on my car, at a few coffee shops, a friends businesses who has given me permission and I’ll put one in a frame as a table topper for a booth/table I’m sharing with other entrepreneurs I know going to college sporting events, job fairs, and anywhere else I can post up and talk to people about my business and what I do. Although I’m fairly new to Go Fund Me I’ve been in sales and marketing for many years. I know word of mouth advertising is one of the best ways to get the word out. A friend that tells someone about you or shares your info is a bonus and more likely to get you leads/donations. Cheers and good luck to all. ✨🐸✨ 

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Once you’ve shared it to your social media, how often do you post it or have your friends post it. I’ve been trying to post it every day at least once. is that too much or not enough? 

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@Jake Godbold I have read your GoFundMe Fundraiser.  Most people are very polite but I hope you can appreciate my honest opinion.  But you know what they say about opinions:wink:

  • I think you should share a picture of yourself rather than of a get me outa here box.  It will put a face to the story and make you more relateable.
  • I see that you have a profile picture but I didn’t click on it and many wont.  However something about the photo looks creepy, it was probably intentional seeing as you’re a horror movie fan but maybe this isn’t the place.
  • After reading the first three paragraphs I still don’t know whats the problem, or really where you’re going with this.
  • I know you said you’ve gone to the landlord, but the whole time all I could think (and probably others would too) if it’s that bad you have grounds to break your lease anyways, and all these problems should be addressed by your landlord.
  • Also, i’d prefer not to look at nasty flys and bugs and drain hair, you should just remove all of those.  
  • To be quite honest I think your problem with raising funds is that you really don’t have that big of problems.  Certainly not so much that I would pull out my wallet.  You probably had some success with friends and family i’d guess but it just doesn’t rise to the level that I would see the general public (who don’t know you) feeling compelled to help.  

Not to say that you have to be the biggest saddest story to be successful, but you either need to have a hardship that warrants peoples desire to help, or you need to endear yourself to your audience and ask for money towards something positive and exciting or uplifting.  I don’t think you made either case.  Hope you take this as constructive criticism, nothing personal.

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