First time creating a fundraising account and could really use tips + encouragement

  • 23 November 2021
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Created a account for my mother in law and would really like tips on how to update from time to time. 
Also prayers for her ❤️

1 reply

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Thanks for including your link in your profile @Bryonna Stanley 

I read through your story and you did a great job at managing to keep it positive and hopeful. That’s no easy feat when we’re talking about the big C! Eva sounds awesome and I felt a lot of inspiration reading your story.


Okay, so next steps would be to try to gather your first donations. The best candidates would be people close to Eva’s family, and people close to you. I would reach out to them directly to try to raise money before posting online. When you do begin to share on social media, try mentioning people directly or creating some sort of call to action so people will comment on your post. This will help Facebook identify it as important and worth sharing.   


For your updates, you can let your donors know how Eva is feeling day to day, and ask them to share kind messages using the “Contact” link on the fundraiser. Sharing anecdotes or funny observations in your update about the experience can help to keep this very serious subject light. If possible, try to get a video of Eva responding to her donations. This will help make people feel a lot of love and may even help get you some repeat donors later on. 


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