How can I increase donations?

  • 2 November 2021
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My brothers pup had an accident recently and I’ve been sharing the gofundme for three days now. It had a lot of support instantly but now it’s gotten nothing over the past day. How do I keep the momentum going? We need to pay the vet bill down :( 


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@Deborah Lacerda I would figure out who in your network has not given, who you think would make a good candidate for help. I would then try to figure out what would be the best place to notify them of your GoFundMe. You could even ask one of their closer friends (if they have them) to let them know about your fundraiser specifically, instead of asking them directly.  

I read above and people are getting help with vet bills. I am a "person". Who has no friends no family, no chance at a life at all. it's hard enough to beg for 15 years with disabilities. Now I'm begging on the internet.... Nothing has changed. Atleast begging on the street I had people to tell me to go ahead and just go away. How am I supposed to get any donations or receive any support at all if people want to donate bro vet bills( no offense to vet bills it's very important) I have a 14 year old American staffy I've had since he was 6 weeks old. He is my seizure dog. Saved me a thousand times over. Now he's at the end of his life. I'll be without him. What?????? Do I need to post a sad story about him to even be seen? This is so frustrating I have no where to start. But I see people who have a "unpaid mortgage" asking for $1000!!!! They receive $10s of thousands. All I want is 1 chance at a life. How do I start?

I feel for you. I've got friends and family and one $20 donation my prayers are with you 

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@Adam Loyd That can definitely be very hard. In your shoes, I would join a club or start getting to know people around me. Developing a couple of relationships if you can, especially with savvy social media types, can make all the difference in your fundraiser. 




How do I get my fundraiser out there? My coworker got into an accident recently and now she’s out of a vehicle. I tried to help out as much as I could by helping pay for Uber’s but it’s still not enough. Can someone please give me advice.

Hey y’all, by any chance would anyone mind giving me their opinion about my gofundme? I had a pretty bad experience with a medication I used on my face and I’m just trying to get it fixed.

Hello I’m having trouble and getting kind of discourage. My best friend and grandmother is going through breast cancer her and my grandfather are struggling being retired and on a fixed income is really hurting them. It’s a two hour drive one way to her chemo treatments and gas prices are crazy so I lowered the goal amount it just seems impossible to get out there what should I do?

I understand I have stage 4 colon cancer and liver cancer I'm 50 years old never been sick so I don't have any idea how to even get help I'm about to loose everything I own and there just isn't any resources here can anyone help???


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