How do I build trust on my fundraiser?

  • 21 December 2021
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Hello I have shared my gofund page on my social media but no one has shared it or donated. I already feel ashamed for having to ask for help. Am I doing something wrong. Do they feel like I’m tryna scam? 

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Hey @Brittany Carmichael . There are things you can to do to build trust on your fundraiser if you’re worried that people aren’t confident in your page. I’ll get into some of these tips below. It’s also good to keep in mind that most of your donations will come from your friends and family. It’s sometimes worth the effort to reach out to them directly and let them know about what you are fundraising for before sharing to social media. Those first couple of donations help to validate your fundraiser for people who might not know you as well. 


Below I’ve listed some ideas for you to try. 


  1. Try to be exceptionally clear: Ask a friend to review your story to make sure it’s clear to an outside reader. Double check your title and your image to make sure your cause is obvious at first glance

  2. Itemize your expenses: List any receipts, or specifics about how much money you need. Random goal amounts lack trust because they lack clarity. How much do you exactly need in order to achieve your goal? How did you come up with this amount?

  3. Ask your friends to share your fundraiser with a personal message with one of their friends you don’t know: Their messaging will resonate more with someone they know better than you.   

I hope some of these tips help. Feel free to share them with other members of your community if you find they help you to receive donations. 

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