How do I draw attention to my fundraiser, anonymously?

  • 7 November 2021
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I see the suggestions like "send the link to a friend".  But I want to remain anonymous.  Is my fundraiser on a feed that people will come across, without me sending it to anyone?


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7 replies

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everyone here has been asking the same question

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ive sent this out to as many people as i can but still nothing


Also looking to do the same thing 

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Transparency is important on GoFundMe, so it’s important for our fundraisers to identify themselves when setting up a fundraiser. Since most of your donations will come from people you know, having your identity attached will also build trust in the legitimacy of the fundraiser. 

Crowdfunding is all about harnessing the power of your network, so I would start by creating a list of people you know who you think would like to help you with your efforts. Once you’ve identified one to three, I would ask them to join as team members to support you in your effort.  These sorts of conversations are less transactional, so you’re more likely to receive direct help by beginning this way. They might even donate after they’ve been invited to be more involved. 

i am new to this site,and i would like know if you are asking friends and family for donations why would i be on this site.i am doing this because i have already asked them for help and wont do is so what site do?

Just started our GoFundMe today! 
Posted to FB, emailed all the folks, and am thinking of printing out a poster to post in different locations.

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Great question @Paul Lischinsky.  The snowball effect usually applies to crowdfunding. Once you have a couple of donations from your closest friends and family, it makes other people feel more comfortable to donate. The more people who donate, the more donations are likely to come in.   


And great work @Rebeca Sanchez  these are great options for spreading the word. 



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