How do I raise funds?

  • 6 January 2022
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How do I go about getting help? I have created the GoFundMe page and posted on social media, but I am not very social able on public platforms. I am very shy. Therefore, I am struggling to raise money for my daughter. She is currently wheelchair bound due to an accident and I am struggling to pay for her bills and my own. Being a single mother is difficult, let alone when one of your kids gets involved in an accident and cannot support themselves. Please help me. Any advice is GREATLY APPRECIATED.

1 reply

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Hey @Tammy Lansford One idea is to print out your GoFundMe link and  tie it to your daughter’s wheelchair. That could potentially help open up the conversation if anyone asks about it. 


In addition, I would think about reaching out to people in your family and friend group via the telephone to let them know that you’re struggling and need a hand. You can ask them to let other family and friends know, to see if they can spread the fundraiser via word of mouth. 

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