How do I secretly start a GoFundMe page?

  • 21 December 2021
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I just made a post but have yet to share to the world as I do not want my friends or family to see. 

How can I present this out asking those in my inner most circles to be aware of? I have come to terms with asking for help but I’m not strong enough to ask friends as they do not know the extent on my difficulties.

5 replies

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@Jay E. Asking for help can be very difficult - especially if it’s not something you’ve done before. One thing to keep in mind is that your cause is valid and you deserve some assistance with everything you’re managing. Everyone goes through difficult times at some point in their lives! Another way to get through the anxiety is to reverse roles. For example,  if you had a friend in a similar circumstance, how would you feel if they asked you for help in a similar situation? I bet you wouldn’t even blink to help out a friend.  


In your shoes, I would write a letter to your nearest and dearest to let them know what you’re going through. The personal touch of a written letter that you send to their homes will stand out. You could include your phone number on it too, so they can call you if they have follow up questions or if they want to send some encouraging words. 


Once you’ve raised your first couple of donations, then I would start promoting  more broadly on social media. Social media usually works a bit better once a couple of donations have been raised. 


Thank you for your response, I have not come to terms to share this out as with those closest nor do I have any social media. The exposure to my friends would crush me and though I understand what you are saying, I’m not there yet.

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I had to temporarily block my mom on Facebook. I made a community help post when my kitty was looking unwell. It was the weekend and I have no transportation of my own. I was just looking for advice. My mom freaked out and said “what, do you expect someone to pick you and you’re cat up and drive you to the vet?” My kitty’s vet isn’t even open on the weekend. I’ll unblock her maybe in January she just gets stressed over the holidays.

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It took everything I had to swallow that fear of what my family and friends would think and say. But I took that leap. So far not one person on my facebook has shared my gofundme. But that is fine. I am going to continue to share it on my facebook page. Because one day they will finally share it and then hopefully that will get my fundraiser going that will help me and my daughters,


You got this. You can do this. Huggles and Merry Christmas.



Thank you Michele, I finally discussed with my wife and she is very opposed to asking for help. In private I discussed with my closest friend and he agreed that I should should try. I’m stuck in thought and currently caring for my father while my mother is in the ICU………….I just dont know.

I appreciate your words and thank you for responding. I wish you blessings and good luck with your fundraiser.

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