How to raise money for sugery for my puppy who was shot.

  • 22 November 2021
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How to go about getting more views or a small donation so my puppy doesn't die. They stay in the yard and he has been shot twice in my own yard. Someone just doesn't like my dogs. I don't know if the neighbors are just shooting at him bc he likes to bark alot. I have a mommy dog and he's the daddy dog. And I kept 3 puppy's so they are always playing. Full story here.

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Hey @Ryan Fox I’m so sorry to hear that. To start, I would try writing the story from your own perspective instead of your dog’s. Here’s some more information on how to write your story effectively:

And, try including some more photos of your dog and choosing a different main image

From there, check out these posts for general advice about how to share and get the word out. 

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