Need to get funding to build a product

  • 26 December 2021
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How can a guy from a small town in WV find people to help fund a new product that literally everyone needs. I have thought about, and sketched it, and started over numerous times until it was perfect. Now I just need someone to have some faith in me. 

3 replies

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Hey @Josh Kyer I’d love to hear more. What are you trying to build?


I have designed a new toilet. Or maybe more so a design improvement to traditional siphon flushing toilets. It really solves a problem by allowing you to vent your bathroom drain line through the toilet. People that have old houses with bad venting can cut their floors and walls to fix a venting issue, or just use my toilet. 

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 You’re right! I live in an old house, and something like that would be useful. 


For your idea, I bet you can find old historical home groups who would love to hear more from you. I would start in person, with groups near to you to let them know what you’re trying to do. I’m not sure where you’re from, but usually these groups will host a tent at like a local street fair.  If your area doesn’t have one, you might want to reach out to groups in other towns around you to see if anyone would find your idea suitable.

Before you meet with them, I recommend honing your elevator pitch for the product, which you can use in email and in person.  


I’m not a salesperson myself, but I know one thing that’s important when making your pitch. Be sure to include why you’re the expert who should bring this plan to fruition! For example, if you have a history of inventing things, or if you’re a plumber/contractor, that can go a long way to convince someone. 




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