Raising money for my family

  • 29 December 2021
  • 1 reply

I am new to this but at my last result two days ago me n my 3 kids tested positive for covid I am main source caretaker provider I bring only income no help from dad as he been locked up last 4 years it’s just us I moved away from family 6 years ago for a fresh start I  don’t really know to many people here as I am a homebody I go work n home take care my kids this has hit me hard my jog is not paying for my leave of absence but I have to do what I have to for my kids 

1 reply

Stay strong, I'm there with you very similar situation, I just joined today. keep your head up and strong, and keep your faith in tact. It's all you can do but trying to look up and keep pushing forward. 

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