This is my first time asking for help.

  • 19 November 2021
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Idk how to go about asking people for help. I don’t really know anyone to ask. I am very nervous and awkward due to my situation and I need help so bad. Idk what to do

1 reply

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Yes. This can definitely be hard. Do you have any old friends or acquaintances you can reach out to? It’s best if you can try to get a foothold with someone you know. After your fundraiser has raised some money, it makes it easier for other people to fall in line to donate, since you’ve built up a level of trust through your first couple of donations. 


As for the asking part… do your best to be concise and specific about what you need help with and why. Avoid apologizing - the more direct and confident you can be, the more likely people will take you seriously. Finally, as hard as it is to do this, it’s important to try to be positive. If you believe that your fundraiser can help you overcome whatever obstacle you face, you’re more likely to convince others, which will motivate them to donate. 

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