Don't be embarrassed

  • 19 September 2022
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Hello everyone. I was an good international French Chef with a good salary + benefits. I have started my GoFundMe 11 months ago because in between 2014-2022 I suffered a stroke, 2 heart attacks and a triple bypass I am know part of the thousands Americans on 140% and 144% of Federal Poverty Level and now have an official SSD that sais it. No food stamps because of bureaucracy. I want to says to those who feel embarrassed to ask for help get over it and keep finding ways to reach out to people in anyways possible. I have been ignored by most my family for pitching in for help, friend who know ignore me, but it doesn't matter keep reaching out do it for yourself you deserve being helped. Be umble, kind, honest in your request, DO NOT APOLOGIZE, follow up with donors, show than updates and respect, and be patient. I pray a lot, I thank God every day to be alive don't be angry with those who shut the door, because a shut door is an opportunity for another one to open. 

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