Encouragement through local community

  • 30 October 2021
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I asked a local church for help. They directed me to agencies to help me with bllls. They not only helped in this way, but the generosity of the community was overwhelming

6 replies

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So glad to hear you were able to get help through your local community, that’s great!

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Thank You fro your comment


How do  find communities or organizations to help 


This is new for me but my son is still hospitalized and I need help paying his bills

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I don’t think i’m any good at raising money. I have always worked for my money. Not being able to work has really knocked me off my block anything you all can share on how to go about making my fundraiser prosperous would be great. lol

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@Lisa Harris if you have social media, I would recommend searching for groups and organizations there. You can try sharing the link to your fundraiser, and anyone going through similar situations may be able to lend a hand!

@Joseph Diodati you came to the right place. Asking for financial help isn’t easy and can be a tough process, so I’d recommend starting off by browsing through our How to share category in the community. These may also be a bit helpful to read through:

  1. How to raise your first donations
  2. How do you ask people to share your GoFundMe? 

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