Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.

  • 12 January 2022
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Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.

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324 replies

It's very embarrassing to ask for help when you're used to being independent it's a hard pill to swallow that I had no choice cuz I have a lot of health problems and I'm not able to work.

Help 😭 i made a GFM but i’m really scared to post my face on here. I’m embarrassed to ask anyone to share my gfm…  what do i do? 😖

I am new to go fund me and was curious about tips on getting donations from the community without feeling embarrassed or worried about being judged. I am in a very difficult situation and don't know how to manage everything.

I too feel so challenged in this attempt but I am putting pride aside and putting faith in fellow individuals who are sincerely looking to help and receive help in return.

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I've had my fundraiser up for a little bit now, and I've had several people share it, but I've only had one person donate and it's just so hard.... I've never liked asking for help and I just don't know what I'm doing wrong...

I’m glad I came across this community group. The ideas are excellent, but I still feel so embarrassed. While I received help from friends, co-workers and family - those donations are used sooner than one may expect. It’s hard for me to ask for help again. I posted my fundraiser hoping someone - anyone - will come across it and share it. I’m just worried about someone sharing it and we may have mutual friends.

Honestly I'm still embarrassed my self I really need help but this post kinda softening the blow and giving me courage

I am embarrassed as well. I haven’t shared my fundraiser on any social media since I am not on it much. I’m looking for my courage too. Wishing you success in receiving help🙂

Thanks for this write up. It helps to know others have a hard time asking for help like myself. I only recently joined this community (my first post is this one), and only put together a personal fundraiser for myself 9 days ago. I have yet to be brave enough to post my go fund me on social media. I don’t want to embarrass my family for asking for help, I know it makes no sense. I always want to look strong for my family and friends, and it’s hard to soften myself. I’m working on it, and I know I’ll get there! Again thanks for this write up, it helps. 🤗

This year has been difficult to endure, my hot tub broke down-manufacture defect, did not get a new one but got parts. Then my car broke down despite us doing everything the service centers recommended. Then my website got hacked, then my computer hard drive died. I can manage great obstacles but after so many the burden is too great and I have to ask for help. Something I do not do feeling uncomfortable doing so.

I’m new here too , thanks to my friend who boost me to open my account.. I’m still embarrassed , just thinking I took this steps to help my family after using most my money and saving to get our family a second car.  while on postpartum of a preemie and felling helpless toward my husband who is struggling but hiding it from me because I just gave birth.. if you want  to open an account here ,do it don’t be ashamed I was but no more.. ps6c9-help-me-please

For me it's really hard to ask someone for help, especially from family, and close friends, I feel embarrassed, and don't know what else to do. I lost a lot of money that I invested in cryptocurrency, and now I'm struggling to pay bills, and credit card debt because of everything that has been going on lately, prices are going up, and bills are just piling up

Hope is a powerful word!!! All you need is some hope in your heart and believe there are others that do care. Be patient a SURPRISE donation is coming. I do not have have social media and very private person, I am hoping I get the help I can. GoFundMe really works I just believed and have the biggest Hope of energy I can hold. Just believe in yourself! I promise when a donation comes, make a connection to the donor and thank them reach out to them!!!

Just feel alone with my children family is very judgmental can’t really ask for help at all

Help 😭 i made a GFM but i’m really scared to post my face on here. I’m embarrassed to ask anyone to share my gfm…  what do i do? 😖

I felt the same way you did just post a photo wearing a hat or sunglasses for a start. You will soon be okay with showing your photo. When your family needs the help is what drove me to do a GoFundMe page, best thing I have ever done!!!! Trust the angels watching over you!

Who would have ever thought it would come down to asking strangers for help. Don’t get me wrong I have family plenty family on both my mom and dad side of the family but that’s when your family history and background come into play. I already feel embarrassed or shamed when I have to beg and borrow from them every since I lost my job during this little “pandemic” but to have to ask complete strangers for help was never in my forecast or agenda at least I thought. I’m a single mother of 2 little girls and life has been one hell of a ride if I do say so myself. A lot of my friends and family have something that I do and I don’t get mad or jealous I just wish it could be my situation at times and that’s a supportive mother father or grandparents. I don’t have that type of support system. My kids daddy thinks the only thing he have to do is see the kids every other month take the to buy 2-3 outfits when he do get them a couple hours a day and that’s it. Life is so stressful at this point and the only thing I could do was Google how to get help with moving which lead me to this. Anybody else story similar?

Definitely my biggest problem, I’m in need.. but the feeling of embarrassment to post that I need help on social media is overwhelming. I applaud everyone here & I wish everyone the best! 

This is so out of norm for me, what's sad is I've been doing pretty well for myself the last couple years.  I recently fell on a hard time, I reached out to a few family and friends for help,  most didn't have the decency to respond back.  It's sad due to to the fact most of these people I have helped out in the past and never asked for anything back. I came here for help and even if I don't get it I know God has a plan.  

this is how I feel totally I'm so embarrassed to ask for help 

Very embarrassed! Struggling with this. Especially when the cause is a very private and delicate matter..

Hi everyone,


This is my first time ever doing a go fund me. I feel really embarrassed but am in need of help. I would like to think that everyone has needed help more than once in their lives and this is definitely one of those moments  for me.  Well just stopping my to say hello 



I am happy i found this discussion and see i am not alone. i started a gofundme account to raise money to finish school. i am still embarrassed to ask anyone but i know this is my last option before it's too late to finish school. i am 25 years old and need to finish school and start my career. 

Trying to find help is so hard


I feel ashamed to ask for help with something that will benefit my family…i jus feel like I’m looked down on 🥺

I feel like my family and friends are going to look at me different, I was going to block them for seeing my GoFundMe page because I'm was so embarrassed to have to ask for help for my family, I don't know why I feel this way because I usually don't care what people think about me but I think it's because it's online and so many people can see my page and I don't want them to think I'm a bad mom but I guess I need the help and I'm doing what I can and I start my job soon so that will help me too.

Yes!!! This is why I made one to be the middle person so those I help won’t have to feel ashamed ❤️🙏❤️

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