Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.

  • 12 January 2022
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Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.

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324 replies

How can I raise money without sharing? I’ma little embarrassed to because I don’t want family and friends knowing

I was also embarrassed but I had to make a go fund me cause I don’t want me and my 4 month old to be homeless I just need help with the security deposit and deposit for the electric it’s hard coming out of a domestic violence 

Hi everyone my name is Cody lafever and I just want to say I'm glad that sights like this are here to help those who need it most. But for me I'm almost ready to lose that home I've been homeless for a while now going through a very tough divorce where I was left with just a basket of laundry and my dog I've hit rock bottom even waiting for my first check to come in but. It could be worse I'm just asking for a little bit of help is all

Honestly I'm still embarrassed my self I really need help but this post kinda softening the blow and giving me courage

I never in 1 million years thought I would have to create a gofund me but it’s the eye-opener that anything can happen and I’m grateful that this website is made to help people like yourself overcome so many obstacles

Similar situation here. Is it embarrassing to ask for help? But what if the help could really help... My granddaughter is just 3.5 years old and it breaks my heart that for now all can offer Her is our small trailer home... We dream of having a small house just so we can have a more sturdy place since we live in stormy Florida Keys. I shared this on FB already and hopefully people that we know are understanding about this... No matter how hard myself, my adult daughter and my husband work we will never be able to afford even the smallest house. This is why we turned to see if anyone would help us here.

I feel guilty for asking for money because we aren’t starving, we aren’t sick from untreatable or a highly taxing illnesses. So I feel like our stupid little idea means nothing on the scale of what some people are going through. I  try to give when I’m okay, so that others don’t have to ask- because it sucks to have to ask. Posted my link on reddit and in the first 5 minutes got told to “stop asking people to pay for your hopes and dreams”. You know, maybe they are right? I didn’t really see it that way until I saw the majority of folks on here in really bad situations.

I can relate to people who say that even though I had asked for help - I will keep my head up. As many of You I had posted this on FB meaning many of the fellow people I know can see this (even if they are not going to donate which of course is fine and understandable) but let's be honest many of us do need the help. My thing is many of us work a very hard job and do as best as we can to manage our finances but it still isn't enough to achieve the goals that we had set for ourselves. It could be anything from someone who is very sick and needs help with medical expenses to others raising for a different cause. I myself never mentioned in my story of all the ailments and medical bills I personally have. I just targeted the certain goals me and my family have. Are very expensive bills to save mine and my daughter's teeth good enough to be counted as medical bills that are a necessary? Both me and my daughter think so!! 

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I too was embarrassed to start a gofundme, but I swallowed my pride and did it anyway.  It is helping alot.  My wife has stage 4 lung cancer and we are near broke due to missed work from treatments and bad days, but in less than 24 hours our friends and family have helped more than I would have imagined, and not one negative comment.   


Your friends, even people you dont know will help if you give them a chance.

Never done one before hoping and praying God will bless us. How do tall get over the embarrassment of asking for help.? Im embarrassed to post on social media 

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Never done one before hoping and praying God will bless us. How do tall get over the embarrassment of asking for help.? Im embarrassed to post on social media 

I was as well, but the truth is, you have to swallow your pride and just ask.  People will respond.  I know it is hard, it took me months to do it, but it was worth it in the end.

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Appreciate you reaching out that was encouraging have a blessed day on purpose for me 

I am very embarrassed to post it.  But I do believe in my cause.  It’s not about me but about someone i love more.  God give me the strength to ask for help.  

This is the hardest thing in the world for me to do right now. I have always been self-sufficient, so asking for money to fund my furbaby’s surgery is stressing me out more than I would like it to. I don’t want to keep posting my link as I feel like I would be begging at this point. But I really need the help. Any advice?

Hi guys. I'm so new to this. Is it normal to feel shamed for asking for help?? I've always done things completely by myself, but am at the point where I'm so overwhelmed, am doing all I can do, and am running out of time.. but it's like I also feel bad cuz I know there's starving and homeless people out in the world.. idk I need help but I just feel so terrible about asking

Thank you for your courage and vulnerability! It is truly inspiring!!!

I am ashamed embarrassed and afraid to share my story I have no social media or family due to my situation. I am completely alone. I don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s get honest - asking for help can be really hard. We’re embarrassed and sometimes afraid of feeling rejected if we don’t get the help we need. But the truth is, eventually, everyone needs help. 


So, why should I bother asking for help?

Believe it or not, most people want to help. Humans find satisfaction in helping others and actually enjoy doing so– there’s lots of science behind this! Getting over that initial fear of asking is the hardest part. We’ve found that once people take that leap, others aren’t actually judging them nearly as much as they feared. After all, asking for help is an act of strength.


Some ideas on how to ask for help: 


– Be sincere. The more heartfelt your ask is, the more others will relate and want to help. Make it a conversation, not a transaction. Share your story and the details that express why you’re asking for help.

– Find your support team. Is your best friend your biggest cheerleader? Do you have certain family members you rely on? Create a team that can support you. Even if they can’t help you directly, they might know others who can. 

– Choose the best sharing method. Phone calls to the people you’re really close to can be more personal and effective than texting or email, for example. Think about who you’re asking for help and what method of communication they might prefer. For example, sharing details about your GoFundMe on social media, text, or email might be the best option for people you have less day-to-day contact with. 

– Express gratitude. A thank you note is a simple yet effective way to show how grateful you are for assistance. Remind your supporters that they did the right thing by acknowledging their efforts, and they may just be inspired to help you again in the future.


These are a few tips from us, but we want to know: what’s helped you overcome feeling embarrassed? What advice would you give a friend?


I admit this was not an easy thing to do...it feels like begging and in someway wrong to ask for help

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Embarrassment is hard to overcome. I've had to just bite the bullet as they say and ask.  Now that I got past that, now I'm learning how to not be embarrassed with alot of the social media responses I've gotten. Inappropriate pictures,  comments and advances. Any advise on how to not give up

I put up my gofund.me on the nextdoor app and they took it down after hate speeches. I don't want to put it up anymore 😪. We are living in a hotel room with 5 boys and I am unable to work because of surgeries and now my sons father just had surgery from cancer. People are so wrong for downing us. How do you all keep going. My family will not help at all. They only say if we had the money. They will not share because of their pride. What else can I do?

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I can relate.  I was too ashamed and terrified of family and close friends finding out how I was REALLY doing.  Luckily, I was able to share my situation on the Slack network of a place that I volunteer for.  Everyone has been really sweet by donating or offering advice.  And believe it or not, there are people out there who are blessed and just visit GoFundMe because they want to help others.  I haven’t reached my goal but grateful for what I’ve received and will resolve my problem with what I have.  If I receive more later that’s just an increased blessing.

It's extremely hard for me to ask for help. But it's something I've had to learn to do. Even with my disability I still push forward and stay positive.  If I could help everyone I would because that's how I am. I put me last or even further back because it's important to me to help others.

this is my first time doing something like this im souse to always knowing plan a b c and d why do i feel like asking for help is a bad thing

Same here.  I was one told,  a closed mouth doesn't get fed.  With my unfortunate circumstances, asking for help if all I can do and just let everyone know the amt. of appreciation and gratefulness that is in my heart.

Yes this was my last resort since a lot of things happen in 2021 but I'm not giving up hope that I will reach my goal! 

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