Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.

Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.

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Wondering why your own family don’t support for a good cause 


I really don’t know. I know my parents don’t have it to give. But my brother-in-law has quite a bit of money and my in-laws have quite a bit of money and they haven’t offered any assistance (not even to help clean up or anything.) 


I am having such a hard time with posting my go fund me, I’m embarrassed and just scared of what people will think . I think what also I’m afraid of or doubting myself bc the shame I have on this and asking for help and looking as if I’m a let down as a mom is it kept me from really being able to really write from my heart and make it as heartfelt as I could . 

Hello I am new here and yes I thought about this for a while and never created one because I was so embarrassed and my pride was hurt that I couldn’t take care of my family but I asked God what I should do and go fund me kept coming to mind so I finally accepted it and created my fundraiser. 

I’m trying to shake the nerves I just never been a person to ask for help 

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Vilchis. Yesterday, when I left work, I only spent 10 minutes buying food in the afternoon and when I came back, my truck was no longer there with all the merchandise from my business. They left me on the street. I don't even have anything for rent.

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How do you find organizers 

I do not do social media and don’t have ways to share but I’m struggling for my new term tuition and have no assistance besides FASFA

My husband was completely against doing a GoFundMe. He's always been self-sufficient and proud, but with a cancer diagnosis on top of RA and my company closure, it was this or literally end up in the streets. I have found work at less than 1/2 my normal pay but he cannot work at all. We've always contributed to others in need but helping others feels good.. being on the receiving end doesn't. While we are so grateful for those who have helped it is embarrassing when you have always figured it out yourself. We are both in our 50's and never dreamed we'd be in this situation. Losing utilities or a place to live at this point would probably push us both over the brink. I'm so grateful for this platform. 

Yes I definitely feel like this! Im a single mother of two. I cannot afford our fur babies medical bill (she had a seizure & was close to dying). i get so shy asking But i truly hope that we do get the help so i can bring her back home.. 

With the way we were raised it is typically embarrassing for any one of us to ask for help. But with the way the world is now and days it's harder to deal with things on your own.
I kinda feel weird about one of the only ones here wanting help for something not that big like parts for a computer and others are asking help for their families or medical expenses. :disappointed_relieved:


I’m a really private person and was really embarrassed to share my story.  I was even embarrassed to put my situation out there on GoFundMe. Even though this is community that’s about giving and receiving, people can be really critical. But I had to put my feelings to the side and ask for help. This is about the greater good and the end result for everyone on Gofundme.  Anyhow, I put my feelings to the side and started sending my story to my closes friends, family and supportive co-workers.  I’m so far away from my goal but sending them my story on gofundme made a difference. Sharing is the key. 

I hope people are out there like you we could definitely use the help

I have never asked for help but now that I’m going through so much I have to and now that I need help this is my last resort 


I hope people are out there like you we could definitely use the help

This was beautiful Austin. Thank you. 


well said

I know we shouldn't be embarrassed about asking for help, but i almost couldn't bear it. I just shared my post to friends and family and it kinda destroyed my pride and honor. I was doing just enough to get by and lost my job then lost my car and now slowly losing my home. I know people are dealing with more in life so that is why i was so hesitant.



I have tried all the suggestions given to me possible. I do feel embarrassed to ask for help. At the same time I'm a single mother of three. My children's father passed away in 2020. I just started my senior semester of college. I only have one semester left until I graduate. I'm just in a horrible bind right now and I don't know how else to get the word out. I'm halfway to my goal, but I really need to reach it! 🙏🏻

I was raising money to help with vet bills to put my dog down and I wanted to share on social media but didn’t because i was so ashamed of not being able to afford a vet bill. My family is very judgmental. Eventually I posted it but hardly got any donations, instead I got more replies from my family on why I shouldn’t have had him if I can’t afford his care 

I posted my Go Fund me on my facebook and wonder how thats gonna go..But i needed the help..

I was hoping this GoFundMe would help but how do I get more help. I’m not social I don’t know a lot of people so I’m here.

I’m super embarrassed and asked many friends and family for help but during this tough time they are also struggling. I ended up making mine for myself because my children and I are losing everything and it’s just so hard alone. 😢 I’m trying to get better so I can be a better provider when I’m healthy enough. Covid sucks and the damage it has done seems irreparable. https://gofund.me/48f21f5b

I could use some pointers on how to share without social media

I’m really not knowing where to turn my situation is hard and embarrassing to even bring up! 

please help with advice! 
thanks god bless 



I totally feel embarrassed. Growing up I was always taught to stand on my own and never ask for help. Asking for help was always a sign of weakness. But it’s not receiving and giving help is a sign of strength. This year dealing with covid and the unexpected has definitely been hard but I’m hoping that my future will continue to get better.



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I’m so embarrassed to ask for help that I can’t bring myself to use my real name or introduce myself but my situation is a desperate one. I can’t even bring myself to share this with my friends and family 

Im in the boat, I hope we got lots of paddles John because I'm sure this boat will feel up fast. Lol have u told anyone yet? #Afriend 

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