Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.

  • 12 January 2022
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Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.

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I just started a go fund me and I have never asked for money before, because I've never had the courage to reach out to others. Having it out there that I need help sometimes makes me feel weak. So after I made one this group popped up and I instantly joined. Its so hard but so nice to know I'm not the only one. I just really hope people will see that this is out of the normal for me and I am really needing help. But its hard to swallow 

Ohhh believe me you in really understand


 I am going through health problems also.

 I haven’t been able to work for 7 months now. My children’s finally got through to me to start a go fund me. My pride was hit really hard. I also have never had to ask for help. I’ve only shared my Go fund me on Facebook and the neighborhood app. People donated really fast and really hard right at the beginning. But it hasn’t hit anything for a while now. 
It has been a very humbling experience.❤️

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I just got on this and was wondering if anyone know what's the best way to gain followers or how can I spread the word of my goal faster 

I've always had the hardest time asking for help, and I almost feel like this is embarrassing and I shouldn't be. My best friend convinced me it would be worth it. I've always been such a giving person and she believes in karma and that this organization will help me in my journey. 

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I definitely feel this as of right now. There are tons of people needing help for important things. My partner and I too are needing help. I feel this way and fear as it may seem unimportant to others and we may get backlash. I still feel it’s important as this is something we both need help to finish financially as it is affecting my partner mentally. So here it goes..I do hope for the best for every person who is in need as we hope for us too. 

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@Joshua Naranjo The best way is to ask your friends and network to spread your page. 

Asking for help has always be very hard for me to do... Asking for help made me feel less of a man, and embarrassed to be at a point in my life where I need help. But a friend once helped me put it in perspective... He asked hope it made me feel when I got to help someone else... I told him it made me feel good about myself, for being a caring person... It felt GOOD ! Then he told me, then stop taking away that opportunity to feel good inside from other people .. ask for help... And except any help that is offered.  Swallow you pride and ask for help ! Being "to proud" to ask for help is NOT a good thing !  I need help now, that's why I'm out here... And I hope my post will help you or someone to understand that it IS OK to ask for help !!

Everyone knows asking for help is hard and I don't be knowing how to ask I get embarrassed alot and shy so I never ask for help this time I have no choice. Hello everyone on gofund me

This has truly been hard to sit and try to describe what I’m going through to what feels like the world. As I try to maintain strength this brought out a lot of emotions sitting down and writing out my personal situations. Reading everyone’s stories and seeing what the rest of the world is going through makes me feel like life’s not so bad and I scrolled wishing I could help and have to remember I’m in desperate need of help myself. It just made me think of how my situation keeps pushing toward doing something to help people on a bigger scale because I am not alone and my biggest dream is to help other people in need as I am today. I am sure this is all happening for me to see exactly what I see when i visit this site because I’m certain it is my mission to help the world eliminate hunger, homelessness, poverty and just things we struggle with that lead us up to this point. Sending love to you all in this community sorry for the long comment 😅

Yeah I agree no shame here. I’m disabled and have used go fund me to bury my son. Now I’m in need of something for my family and am hoping to get the same kind of love. 

I’m shy and a little scared to ask for help, but I’m being courageous for my mom. I hope this’ll work.

It took a lot for me to make my GoFundMe. I’ve always been the one people go to for help, I find myself never saying no, which leaves me to make a fundraiser. I’m so prideful, it’s embarrassing and a little discouraging. Like I’ve stated it took a lot for me to create the GoFundMe. My next big step is sharing it on social media, I don’t have Facebook anymore, but sharing it on instagram is going to be an even bigger step, because of pride. Anyways, just wanted to vent a little, so glad I’m not the only one on here feeling embarrassed about asking for help. 

This helps so much normalize the feelings if insecurities, shame and doubt. Specifically, I didn't want to worry my family or that my friends judged me. But went through with it and just started my fundraiser. Thanks all for the helpful tips!

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That’s wonderful, @Sonia Jimenez! So glad this could help. Best of luck with your GoFundMe.

Hello So my mother was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer On Dec 2nd had surgery and we hoped that, that was the end of it but a week after surgery we come to find out that the cancer has spread and she will start chemo soon. Medical bills are coming in and are going to need to be paid. I mentioned to her about go fund me but shes too embarrassed to ask for i dont know what to do shes been steessing about bills lately and thats the least i want her to be going thru. I dont know what to do she doesn't want me posting it up on Facebook.



I am embarrassed to ask for help. I’ve always done without if I couldn’t afford it. But in this case it is an actual medical need for a service therapy dog. My doctor is 100% in favor of it and is writing a letter for me saying that. But the cost of the puppy is $2500 and the training (takes 2 years) is $5000. Not cheap. I have a little one, full spinal fusion surgery, and working full time. Lol it takes a lot out of me and having the service dog to be able to pick up things from the floor would be so amazing. It is a huge struggle to get anything I drop, usually my little one will come help mommy. That makes me feel bad as well



Please understand all of us are in. Our world today tells us not to be a burden, that we are failures if we can’t handle our own trials and tribulations, but when you remember that as Christians, we are bound to, and have been called to help our brothers and sisters in Christ when and if the need arises. It isn’t weakness to ask for help, it is the STRENGTH of CHRIST in you and your strength as a person that has provided you with the necessary logic to recognize the need and act upon it. Help each other as long as you have breath in your lungs, and after as well. gofundme.com/f/greg-neese-has-kidney-cancer

@Gil J , new to the community, How do I create the local link you have at the bottom of your post?


Does anyone have tips on raising money while being too embarrassed to post on social media? I am 6 months pregnant and experiencing hair loss, but I am too embarrassed to ask for help from friends/family/followers.

Hi, I'm new and it's really sad, but it's harder and more difficult when you're alone and you don't have friends to support you.

Trying to raise money for my baby and I’m trying to figure out how to do with our social media.

I hate asking for help but I recently put my dog down during one of the most trying times of my life. I bit the bullet and made a GoFundMe for the first time to retain my dog’s ashes. I had no expectations from this but I was pleasantly surprised. I reached and exceeded my goal in a matter of hours. I can say that pride and embarrassment can sometimes get in our own way. We are not the only ones going through what we are going through and there are people who want to help, even strangers. Take the leap of faith; you just might get everything you need and more. But without the attempt you will receive nothing. 

Hi my name is Sara my husband Mike is in the hospital fighting a very aggressive Leukemia called Acute Myeloid Leukemia what is worse we just found out it even worse then what we thought. He gas a gene marker called FLT positive the % of ppl with that gene marker with their leukemia living past 5 years with out help from the top cancer researchers in the country is 15%... ONLY FIFTEEN PERCENT MAKE IT PAST 5 YEARS. Now that we know this i need to raise enough money to get him to a good cancer Hospital. I was hoping for AM Anderson Hospital it has the top Leukemia program in the country and have clinical trials starting the problem is everyone in town has done their best to donate and im super thankful but this is going to take a lot more then i originally put on there at first i didn't want to look greedy and i figured 6 thousand should be enough to start paying his medical bills as soon as they come in plus he still needs a bone marrow transplant idk how we are going to do this. I just dont know where to reach out because if ppl dont know you most dont want to help because everyone is struggling right now. Any advice on what I should do? Hes the most amazing man. He worked 2 jobs for the past 4 years just to provide always helping out my mom sister and her kids too. If you ask anyone to describe him they will say he has a good heart. Now im watching him suffer in the hospital with no way to help... The only way i know how to help is to get him to Texas but how i have no idea bcuz everyone is having financial difficulties right now???

Trying to take care of a colony of indoor cats you accidentally started from just one pregnant cat you "saved" 5 years ago who had 7 babies, rehomed all except 1 daughter who gets outside, then her babies we couldnt home, then no one wanted her, her baby had babies.. We already had our 5 residents when we took in preggers, and here we are now drowning in cats, litter, kibbles, and depression. My partner has ptsd and works full time, I'm struggling with my mental health and work part time cleaning houses. This is just a vent comment i forgot my point or question . Maybe it was how do i keep hope? And how do i get help when I have no freinds.

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I suffer from social anxiety so reaching out to people has never been a strong suit of mine but I have been opened up and coming out of my shell more to see k the help I need because at some point everyone needs helps and I’m pretty sure I speak for a lot of people on here when I say I’m at the point where I need that help.

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