Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.

  • 12 January 2022
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Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.
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Let’s get honest - asking for help can be really hard. We’re embarrassed and sometimes afraid of feeling rejected if we don’t get the help we need. But the truth is, eventually, everyone needs help. 


So, why should I bother asking for help?

Believe it or not, most people want to help. Humans find satisfaction in helping others and actually enjoy doing so– there’s lots of science behind this! Getting over that initial fear of asking is the hardest part. We’ve found that once people take that leap, others aren’t actually judging them nearly as much as they feared. After all, asking for help is an act of strength.


Some ideas on how to ask for help: 


– Be sincere. The more heartfelt your ask is, the more others will relate and want to help. Make it a conversation, not a transaction. Share your story and the details that express why you’re asking for help.

– Find your support team. Is your best friend your biggest cheerleader? Do you have certain family members you rely on? Create a team that can support you. Even if they can’t help you directly, they might know others who can. 

– Choose the best sharing method. Phone calls to the people you’re really close to can be more personal and effective than texting or email, for example. Think about who you’re asking for help and what method of communication they might prefer. For example, sharing details about your GoFundMe on social media, text, or email might be the best option for people you have less day-to-day contact with. 

– Express gratitude. A thank you note is a simple yet effective way to show how grateful you are for assistance. Remind your supporters that they did the right thing by acknowledging their efforts, and they may just be inspired to help you again in the future.


These are a few tips from us, but we want to know: what’s helped you overcome feeling embarrassed? What advice would you give a friend?


324 replies

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The strongest thing you can do is ask for help. Remember everybody needs help at some point, so don’t be scared to reach out and ask for what you need. A closed mouth does not get Fed. Have a blessed day people may god bless you all with the help you need.

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Regardless of what challenge you are facing right now, know that it has not come to stay. It has come to pass. During these times, do what you can with what you have, and ask for help if needed. Most importantly, never surrender. Put things in perspective. Take care of yourself. Find ways to replenish your energy, strengthen your faith and fortify yourself from the inside out.

Hi everyone, 

I am really afraid if I get drop out of my classes because of my university tuition. I don’t know how can I ask for help regarding my tuition. School won’t give me fafsa and I won’t be able to get loan. I really need help because I love to study and I don’t want to get drop out of my classes because of money and won’t be able to chase my dream because of that. I really hope education get free one day so that students won’t struggle with the payment of their tuition. :( 

I know the feeling it took me forever to finally make a post and I still feel kinda weird inside asking like this.. 

All hope almost lost…..  This is very sad and I have never fully understood the homeless problem how it’s got so horrible over the last 10 years.  I recently have ran into some very tough times compilcated more by covid.  I turned to the city to see if there was some very short term assistance that would prevent a single full time father from becoming homeless.  They provided two links, one to a covid government stimulus which was closed and no longer accepting applicants.  The second was to create a gofundme.  I thought for a moment this might help until I realized how much social media is involved in the fundme part.  I do no use any social media, have no family, for the past 8 years of my 11 year old daughters life I have only had a professional and father life so really don’t even have many friends. Once I am back on my feet I will find a way to make a difference in how easily parents are turned away by the government when they need them the most.  If anyone is out there reading this and has a seggestion please send me a message :) Hope you are successful in finding the solution that will turn things around.  I wish I was in a better postion to help right now reading some of these but again I will return on the other side of things hopefully in the near future to lend a hand..

Hello, I am new here.

I so agree that asking for help can be truly hard. I have had my share of experiences with pride and embrassment, but I have come to a point in my life to understand that God uses people to help us in our time of need and this is one of thoes times for me. Many blessing to you! Lord Help us All!

Definitely humbling 😭

IM still embarrassed to share on my public profile I live in a small town and really have no family that can afford to help . And I don't want my girls to feel ashamed if someone at school sees my post☹️

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I would never even have the courage to do this for myself. But, my hearth leapt at the chance to help the family navigate this difficult time with this fundraising endeavor. 
Any help networking will be greatly appreciated.

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I too have felt embarrassed asking for help recently… I’ve never been one to ask for help, I’m always the stable one helping others (not necessarily on here, but in my personal life) but 2021/22 has really been rocking me financially, especially in a time when I discovered myself for the first time. The double whammy of having less money coming in and a need to spend some money for the sake of mental health, yikes… it also didn’t help that there are a ton of campaigns on here to change the world or change peoples lives in a huge way, where as I just felt mine paled in comparison :(

It's embarrassing because people will message me to get information about everything and then I tell them everything and they don't share the link or donate at all. 

This was very helpful. That's my biggest thing like sharing on Facebook or another platform  I'm scared about what people will say mostly at work since asking for help. I feel so bad asking for help that it's took over a year to start on gofundme. I'm trying to read and get involved. It's mind-blowing how many people are struggling. Definitely makes me feel better reading everyone's posts and encouraging words. 


I have tried to raise money to help me with medical and financial needs.. and my last dr apt was told more apts more frequent so that’s more debt and I can’t raise anything. I’m embarrassed and am not a person that ask for help. So i need to figure out something.. I’m sinking and feel like I’m drowning ..

Nobody knows your struggle like you, but if you hold on, the whole world will see your success.


I suffer from social anxiety so reaching out to people has never been a strong suit of mine but I have been opened up and coming out of my shell more to see k the help I need because at some point everyone needs helps and I’m pretty sure I speak for a lot of people on here when I say I’m at the point where I need that help.

I have social anxiety as well. But I also am just a very proud person. Learning to admit when I need help was a side effect of having my children. I'll through my entire self esteem in the trash before I'd let them see struggle again. So I completely feel where you are coming from.


I'm a little embarrassed but I'm ready to get things going. Here's my shot. And hopefully people can understand why I need the help. 

I have always hate asking for help, but if I don’t my brother and I will be evicted. Our mom died May 4th of last year and it’s been hard, but the bank we use is accusing me of fraud and didn’t ask me anything. They have been going back and forth with us from Nov18th of last year. Each time I ask for info they say, the account is under investigation, but won’t tell me anything else, like when it stared or how long it will be. I don’t know what I am going to do. https://gofund.me/42d9e726

this is true since covid trying to get my business going feels impossible this is my first time doing this and my business is to help all small and large businesses create financial freedom with cryptocurrencies real hope this works for all ,of you in need>

I'm ashamed to be on here. I'm embarrassed to be on here. I don't know how to raise money for my needs. My main goal is to get my plot close to my mother. I have enuff life insurance for a service and casket. Just won't have enuff for plot and to open the plot. When my time comes. I feel so alone in this fight. I'm not scared of death it's leaving here with out know. Can my family afford the rest. 

I found out that my 13 month old puppy has a genetic disc disease. It has progressed quickly and he is now paralyzed in his rear legs.we are unsure if it is permanent or not. We need to get an mri for him and surgery. I was super embarrassed to ask for help. I made a gofundme and only 2 people have helped. I'm not sure what else I can do. I just want my healthy and happy puppy back   and i feel like i am failing him. :(

yes sometimes it gets really overwhelming because it seems the harder i try for my son the more sick he gets get just got out of a surgery and they had to voluntarily put him in a coma it is heart breaking especially since we just keep to ourselves so don’t really have support to help 

I am newly disabled unable to work with a pregnant wife not getting paid. I applied for disability but it takes a long time to get approved. I should get approved no problem since I'm partially blind. It is just getting to that point that i am asking for help. I got a really rude inbox when I posted it on my Facebook  and I took it down. I put it back up because I made it for a reason and I don't care that I'm embarrassed at this point. I haven't gotten any donations so that makes it worse but I am hopeful. Good luck you guys 

I feel like part of my manhood got taken off by asking for help on this platform, All I want is to take my kid to go see my family but some people said as a 35yr old man I should not be asking no one for help , I never had at all till now and the reason why I’m doing this is I am very low in cash due to the pandemic that ruined my job 🤦🏻‍♂️… 

I think its just hard because not very many people want to help. So it becomes disappointing. Maybe people out there might want to but they just don't for some reason. BIt feels horrible.


I was so embarrassed to ask for help because I believed my reason wasn’t as important as others. Everyone’s reason no matter how big or small is just as important than the next persons. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, I did. Now just need to figure out the best way to get it out there, it’s progress. Just take the first step!

Asking for help is difficult. I know everyone recommends posting to Facebook, instagram etc but what is you don’t have a social media account? How do you get your fundraiser out there?


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