Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.

  • 12 January 2022
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Feeling embarrassed to ask for help? You’re not alone.
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Let’s get honest - asking for help can be really hard. We’re embarrassed and sometimes afraid of feeling rejected if we don’t get the help we need. But the truth is, eventually, everyone needs help. 


So, why should I bother asking for help?

Believe it or not, most people want to help. Humans find satisfaction in helping others and actually enjoy doing so– there’s lots of science behind this! Getting over that initial fear of asking is the hardest part. We’ve found that once people take that leap, others aren’t actually judging them nearly as much as they feared. After all, asking for help is an act of strength.


Some ideas on how to ask for help: 


– Be sincere. The more heartfelt your ask is, the more others will relate and want to help. Make it a conversation, not a transaction. Share your story and the details that express why you’re asking for help.

– Find your support team. Is your best friend your biggest cheerleader? Do you have certain family members you rely on? Create a team that can support you. Even if they can’t help you directly, they might know others who can. 

– Choose the best sharing method. Phone calls to the people you’re really close to can be more personal and effective than texting or email, for example. Think about who you’re asking for help and what method of communication they might prefer. For example, sharing details about your GoFundMe on social media, text, or email might be the best option for people you have less day-to-day contact with. 

– Express gratitude. A thank you note is a simple yet effective way to show how grateful you are for assistance. Remind your supporters that they did the right thing by acknowledging their efforts, and they may just be inspired to help you again in the future.


These are a few tips from us, but we want to know: what’s helped you overcome feeling embarrassed? What advice would you give a friend?


324 replies

Hello all! I’m very new to this platform reaching out and asking for help. Baby steps for me. I’m wondering about how can I get my fundraiser shared on social media without sharing it myself? I don’t mind it being shared, as long as it isn’t within my small community, Any tips?

Welcome Misty B!!

Yes! This is scary we can tell you.                        The idea of creating a Gofundme or doing any fundraiser is to expose it to as many people as possible. The internet and Gofundme groups are great start, but all group are not created equal.  Everyone has to be willing to help in order to get help. BRING help by asking  friends or family to help. Be patient accept smaller donations ($5 Gofundme minimum) from many can help. You can search for business who offer fundraising. Best Wishes to you for much success!! 

D. West

Thank you for the support! I completely understand reaching out and sharing to support any business. With personal information regarding things that happened to me is what makes it embarrassing 

I made the go fund me a few weeks ago, but I was to embarrassed and ashamed to share it anywhere because I didn't want friends/family/peers to judge me or be annoyed at me thinking I'm just doing this even though I don't need it. But I'm desperate. I have two jobs and attempting to get another, so it's not like I'm not trying my hardest. Life just has other plans for me and shiz keeps getting messed up. I'm glad there is a community to talk to people about all of this and other topics. 



I am extremely nervous about not getting the support for my fire. Any thoughts?

I’m struggling asking for help I barely made my account I’ve tried to do it without the help. But I’m breaking it’s hard to for me to let anyone know my struggles, I give my last dollar to someone before I gave it to myself just because who I am anyone you ask would say it. I let everyone think my life is in order and I’m on the top of the mountain but really, I’m sinking and it’s faster than it’s ever been, and I just can’t catch up or get a break. This pandemic has made it even harder for me to financially take care of my family. I’m going to lose everything If I don’t get myself to ask for the help, I need it being that my house is just about in foreclosure three littles one is newborn, now I’ve recently became carless due to a car accident and my insurance canceled out, so I won't have no assistance for that to help me claim on it. It’s a lot of crying. Then there's the fake smiles I put on to my family and children telling them everything is ok. How do you go from all that to letting everyone know hey I actually have been struggling and barely able to make it?

Thank you for taking time to ready my spill.


I'm so lost I'm going through end stage kidney failure and my dad just passed away last month of the same thing. My Drs are not good here and I really need funds to move states to find better Doctors. 

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I still don’t want to ask for help. I just feel I will be rejected. I’m just working on my social media following when I’m able hoping that will help. I took a break from social media for a little over a week. I’m ready to get back to posting on Twitter today.

That’s where I’m at. So embarrassed to post on my Facebook too many crewl people out and then saying you shouldn’t have your pet cause you can’t pay for his surgery. It’s heat breaking I am so upset with myself as it is. I feel like a horrible dog mom for even asking for help.



I'm still a little embarrassed but I find that understanding that you are truly not alone helps. I just recently started so I'm still alittle new to all of this and I'm just hoping I can help my fellow readers to continue their journey. We've created a community and I would hate for money to be a setback. 


I've had one blow after the other i just feel I can't reach out anymore to my close family for help. Its embarrassing and I worry they'll feel like I'm trying to exploit them. 

Hello everyone my name is Jordan. I am new to GoFundMe and honestly a little embarrassed. Basically I just want to know if anyone has any tips or advice for me. Also is anyone aware of a good way to share my fundraiser, I know social media would be a great option but I don't really have any accounts with any. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I hope everyone else that needs help gets it as well. Thank you, Jordan.

Thank you for the advice!


I know I am still really nervous to ask for help or even post… But im trying to get past that because no matter how badly anyone needs help, we all need it. There are so many people who want help for many different reasons. One reason I have been scared to post…

I have been scared to share my GoFundMe or even make one because I always felt my problem just isn’t as important as everyone else’s… That’’s something really hard to get past too. Because there are so many people out there who need help! People with many health issues, mental health, physical, or are creating for other family members. I just didnt feel like mine would be up to par or maybe no one will even care for me or my issues… But… I told myself to just post… I dunno. Whether i get help or not, I will have to deal with it as it happens.


But everyone needs help, no matter how big the problem may be. Or maybe its not a problem at all, maybe for a happy event, like some grand celebration! 

It’s hard… I’m not alone.. You are not alone!


Thank you!



This is my first fund raising effort. It took me over month to get the nerves to do it.  At first, I really, really didn’t want to ask anyone for help.  However, recently I helped out one of my child’s friends put together a memorial fund raiser for her little brother, and I told her not be ashamed. I thought to myself it would be hypocritical to tell her not to be ashamed and I be ashamed. I have supported and participated in other fund raisers when I see it.  It’s part of being human.  Everyone needs support, guidance, some way, shape or form in life.  Today, I put up the courage to organize my fundraiser.  I’m proud that I defeated my nerves.

I recently took a massive pay cut due to a demotion at work. I was also recently diagnosed with epilepsy so I have bills that are overwhelmingly me. Also, I see gofundme s that earn thousands of dollars in hours and I can only raise a couple hundred in a few days.

what more can I do? This is embarrassing enough. 

Im extremely nervous to do this. I’m trying to shake it but it’s not working 

Facts thats me rn

my problem is. what if people don’t take me seriously enough

This was the hardest thing to do for me. It's not so much of being embarrassed, it's more so the feeling of being rejected especially by your family. I've never been in a position like this. My brother just passed from lung cancer on February 4 and not knowing there was no insurance coverage broke my heart. Now here I am baby sister having to pick up the pieces. My heart is broken and I'm so overwhelmed. 

I am very embarrassed and scared to ask for help. I have always been the one to suffer n to always try to make it with bad decisions. Its really hard when you have noone on yoyr corner. My mother passed away when i was 22 yrs old. From M.S. i never knew my father. When she passed i lost the only person i ever loved or that cared for me. So i had made alot of stupid choices. I am 37 now. Im trying so hard and it feels like i have a mo key on my back that is nothing but bad luck. I am truly embarrassed to ask for help. But i know there are good people that will care n try to be there for people. 

Paul, don’t worry too much on your past mistakes and disappointments.  We all have them. What’s important is what you do with your past mistakes and disappointments.  Ask yourself, how can I turn this situation around?  How can I make the best out of every issue that arises?

Everyone finds themselves in need of something, whether it be material, money, opportunity, love etc.  You are still young, and you have a whole life in front of you.  Use your gifts, talents, expertise, and let it work for you.  Keep pushing forward!

I’ve had a go fund me for a few months now and I haven’t raised a dollar. Am I doing something wrong? because I really need the money.



Hi I’m not really sure what discussion this needs to be in, however I’m trying to get more donations for my fundraiser to fix my car. I know at this rate though I might have to get a new car, though again due to medical conditions I’m not currently working I raised some money but haven’t reached my goal.. any help advice tips? I’ve already shared via Facebook and so did a friend’s mother but I get it some people can’t donate I’m just really struggling with getting donations for my fundraiser, and am looking for advice as someone who’s dealing with medical issues I need transportation to deal with. Thanks for any and all advice in advance.

It's hard for me to ask for help. Especially to family and friends. Most dont even know all I went through and the bills that are piling up while I recover and continue treatment. I'm hoping to share with them soon and feel better about asking. I have to start somewhere.



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@Vernell Preyar your fundraiser is a bit vague - donors tend to like to know exactly how their contributions will make a difference, and who the money will go to. I’d suggest adding a bit more detail before you continue sharing it! 

@Brittni Davis was there something specific you’re looking for advice on? If you’d like help with your fundraiser and how to improve it, specifically, I’d encourage you to post in our Exchange fundraiser advice room for some tips. We also have lots of great information on how to spread the word and get support in the How to share room. 

I am embarrassed  as well. Still been trying to post anywhere and everywhere i can think of though. Its a matter of a emergency now.. ive been outside for a lil over a week now and temps keep dropping. Only weighing 110lbs stinks when ur staying in the cold.. ive shared on fbook but havent gotten any help really but from two people.. still trying to get a room as we speak just for a few days till my taxes come. Its hard.. but i believe things always get better. Somebody will come my way that can help me <3  i have to believe that. 

I came to go fund me once before absolutely no one in my community helped so here i am...hopefully a stranger comes across my profile because no one in my home town cares to support unless they're getting some out of it

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