Feeling hopeless

  • 27 January 2022
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I just lost my husband and he was the only provider for our family. I am stay at home mother of 3. A car hit him while he was on his motorcycle on his way to work. Its been really rough trying to be strong and trying to figure out how to provide for my babies. My babies and I plus my two dogs will probably be homeless here shortly and im not getting any help. This is hard 

4 replies

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I’m so sorry to hear this @Amanda1207. You’ve come to the right place - there are likely organizers in similar positions as you who can relate to what you’re going through. 


As for fundraising,  it can definitely be an emotional process, so if you have anyone who can support you in that way at this time, I would reach out to them first. They can act as your buddy. Because most of your funds will come from people you know, I would start by calling or texting your closest contacts to share the news of your situation. Once you’ve raised your first couple of donations, I would then start spreading the word out to your larger network through sharing on social media, or by asking your friends to share to their accounts. Think people you’ve worked with, previous classmates, or anyone you’ve had a relationship with as good candidates. 

 I’m sorry for you’re loss; it can be so hard to find the light in dark times but hold on and have faith. At our lowest times it can be the most difficult but relieving thing to do to recognize that things will only get better in the coming days ahead! Take care of yourself you’re babies and know you’re never alone reaching out for help is a big step! Prayers are heard, the Lord works in mysterious ways but I promise he is always with you talk to him as if he we sitting right there! It may not come in the form of a check but help will come to those who ask, we have to trust and believe that’s where the faith part comes in!

I understand completely i lost my husband august 8, 2020 and have been made to get a job to pay the bills he left me with! Im exhausted and struggling but i need assistance but cant seem to get it oh well i will do my best to work to make ends meet i wish i had the knowledge of how to get help through go fund me to help myself get past this but ive always helped others! Good luck in your journey!


I'm so happy for your loss  I truly hope  that you find peace from this day forward  a old wise  lady once said that time heals all wounds

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