Feeling hopeless.

  • 20 September 2022
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Ashamed and embarrassed asking for help. I’ve never been able to remotely count on my family to be there. I tried this route as my last ditch effort, asking one person isn’t enough. Don’t even know where to start, my days are wasted by false information or by my anxiety. I didn’t think I could be more hurt by my family, but that no one person has reached out, nothing. Makes everything Im feeling that much harder. I don’t understand how or why. 

1 reply

I feel same way , but you have to do it if there is not other iption

MYdog hurt hurdled blew out her knee. Playing in back yard alone it just happens that way they say online I had never heard of dogs doing that I have had Rotties for over 40 years 

I just pit a roof on my house before this happened and am disabled due to lifting from so many years being a nurse 

But we have to stay strong and do what we have too but yea it is hard to ask , to ask family too 

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