Has anyone else every sorely underestimated their fundraising goal & if so did you ask for more help; and how?

  • 21 September 2022
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Hi everyone!

So I rescued a puppy from the side of the road  after I saw him hit by an amish buggy almost a month ago. I took him to our local pet emergency, he had no collar, no tags & turns out no chip. I'd left my name & # with them telling them if I cld help out in anyway pls call me. A few days later they called me asking if I wld want to adopt the puppy bc where I lived there was no place to go with a stray injured dog. They went on to say in not so many words, if I didn't take him there was a good chance hed be put down. My heart broke for this poor sweet creature, he has the nicest disposition of any dog I've ever encountered. He's not 7 mons old & just as sweet as ever. He is American bulldog/ pitbull mix & we (my 6yo son & I) have fallen in love with him dearly.

Unexpectedly coming in to dog ownership esp one with medical problems & the bills that come along with that are not cheap. I had estimated I would need about a $1000 to care for his broken leg- which is the weekly split changes, upcoming xrays, getting his shots updated & getting him fixed once his leg is healed.

All of that cost money that I a full time single parent who rarely receives more than nickles or dimes every few months in child support even can afford only 3 short mobs before my son's birthday &xmas -so I started a go fund  me page I have raised $815 on the go fund me page of a $1000 goal. Which is AWESOME. The problem is -last week I spent $616 just in one vet visit bc I did not take into consideration that a puppy will chew on his split, he will get it wet & it will need to be changed sometimes multiple times a week that's $57 just to walk in the door $34 for the splint change And for some reason I have never spent less than a $100 at the vet every week since we got our puppy.

I underestimated how much a dog of his breed will eat, how much of my stuff he will destroy with house training accidents & puppy-ness behaviors. So in not so many words I need more money & idk how to politely ask without being a bother or trying to sound greedy. I obviously am not using funds to replace ny hallway runners or to buy him toys- it is legitimately for his vet care so I'm not breaking the bank. The unexpected x-rays last week + the severe infection in his foot + 2 splints that week totaled $700+ last week alone.

Yesterday we had to go for another unscheduled splint change & I miss work for these appts mind you. I'm self employed therefore if I don't go to work, I don't get paid. 

I don't want to continue to financially strap myself to the point I'm wondering where I can make up my rent money the last week of ea month but it's a thought I find creeping into my mind more and more.

Has anyone else every sorely underestimated their fundraising goal & if so did you ask for more help; and how? 

Thanks so much in advance 

-Chance's struggling Mom, Julie xoxo

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Great question, @Julie Gillings.  I recommend that you raise your goal to what you think you’ll need and then post an update about it. This will let all of your previous donors know about the situation, and may even help you raise more money to cover the costs. 


As far as communication goes, what you shared here works beautifully. I would condense it down to a paragraph or two if possible as well. Most people don’t read as much as they used to. 


Finally, I would take an opportunity to thank your supporters for how much they’ve helped you so far and remind them exactly how their funds were used. 


I hope some of these tips help! If anyone else from the community has any additional suggestions, I encourage you to share them below. 


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