help with networking for cancer

  • 15 May 2022
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my first time doing this any help would be huge how can ibget this to cancer organizations asap 

4 replies

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@James Kipferl have you tried searching for groups and organizations in your area, or on Facebook? You can start small by looking up local groups with similar causes through a simple internet search and connecting with others there for help.

There is a huge amount of financial help programs out there for cancer patients. Just google help for cancer patients and you will find a lot of resources.

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I am in your current situation and I’ve applied to a LOT!!! I am in stage 3 melanoma and 2 surgeries later and currently in treatment and I can’t find ANYTHING to help my situation. The only thing I have found that I would qualify for it if I did not have medical insurance there is help for medicines, treatment, etc. I pray you can find help. Good luck!

Hello My name is MacKeysha Waller and my campaign is for Leukemia 

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