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  • 19 September 2022
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I'm new and learning how to work this app I find a lot of people stories comforting knowing I'm not alone I've been through more than I can handle and we are lucky we're alive I'm grateful our oldest is alive and made it after a hit a run accident that left me injured for life and learning how to walk again and having emotional breakdown because it's hard to not be able to walk to the kitchen to make a bottle but do it to be stronger they wanted me to be in a nursing home because I couldn't stand it's amazing what God can do heal my body to teach me how to walk again I thought I couldn't and I can I have my focus my two babys and exited to know what gender were having soon it's hard seeing my husband work every day even on his off days he still calls and goes in just to get everything we need to start over it's sad that some people are clod hearted and do horrible things to innocent angels that God gave us it's hard starting over because everything will be new and not what we picked out and it's hard I try to see the best in everything and through time it shall get better through God you still get up and have to start your day for your family


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Welcome to the community and for sharing your personal story with us @Brittany Whitehair 

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