• 7 January 2022
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Im dreaming about me and my family finding a home,facing eviction after losing job due to the covid monster.well when i can sleep anyway,joy to all and good luck.

4 replies

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I know how you feel,  I am a 40 yr old female who is looking for help due to a medical emergency. I lost feeling in my right foot and lost my job, my house and am now disabled and need help with a home, and transportation.

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I hope u get lots,wish i could say something that would reall help u.


I'm in a similar situation only i just got out of prison and only got givin 28 days half way house to save money and get a place to live. We are on lockdown cause of covid and I'm not getting anywhere. That is why I put this page up my daughter is relying on me to figure this out she's 11 years old and I'm the only parent my mom is about to get evicted cuz she can't work and covid has destroyed her life. I'm having a very hard time getting my page looked at in any donations given I only have till January 25th figure this out I'm hoping that the place I go to after here lets me stay more than 2 weeks and that's at a friend's house. 

I completely understand your situation. I am sorry that I'm not able to make a monetary donation to you. I created a post myself because of similar reasons. Having to ask others for help is a hard for me, but really need it. Best of luck. If I might be of assistance, in any other way, feel free to reach out. 

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