how can i have a successful fundraiser

  • 2 November 2021
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I setup a fundraiser after my first surgery considering I found out I needed to schedule a second one, I had a few donors help and I'm super thankful, however I am getting another surgery in December and in dire need of advice on how to get my fundraiser noticeable more any advice would help please 

3 replies

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Hey @Terent Falin. I checked out your fundraiser and I recommend that you flesh out your story a bit more. I would also add a photo of you in the main image if you have one. Limbs don’t quite get the attention that a face does when shared on social media!

Next, you will want to leverage your friend’s connections. It may be worth having some people over and talk about some sort of local event, maybe a park outing, where you can do some sort of a fundraiser race, or a bake off of some sort. Bringing people together will help trigger people’s community reflexes, rather than the transaction reflexes that might come from a fundraising page alone. 

Thank you for the advice I appreciate it, this is my first time ever being involved in gofundme so I'm learning as I go.

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I feel you! Most people are in the same boat @Terent Falin. While you’re fundraising, if you find anything that surprised you, or worked well during the process, be sure to create a post about it. Part of the purpose of the community is to combine everyone’s shared experience, to discover new and better ways of raising money. 


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