How do you find the will to do this?

  • 7 November 2021
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I am hoping to find the help, I am am alone in my endeavors and don't really have anyone to reach out too anymore. I'm not on social media and over last 6omths had to bury 4 family members ....I am truly at a lost point and just trying to get home.ive found the strength to keep going this long, but losing the will to keep at it....idk if I can keep at it anymore, finding the will to keep pushing

1 reply

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I’m so sorry to hear of your situation @Tony Shanks. My heart goes out to you during what must be an incredibly difficult time.  With GoFundMe, social media is not  requirement. You can share your fundraiser via text messages, emails, or even by mailing a letter. Do you have any old friends, old coworkers, or anyone that you know that you think could help you out of that situation? 


If for some reason fundraising doesn’t work out, a personal recommendation of mine is to look into BlaBlaCar, which is a carpooling app. You might be able to find a cheap ride back to San Diego that way.  


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