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  • 11 January 2022
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Hello I'm new to this. I loss my best friend back in 2019. She was my only friend. I'm really shy to talk to people. I don't do social media. I did have it but I deactivated it. I will like to talk to new people. Thank you in advance

3 replies

Hi my name is Cody I'm new here to

Thank You…! Yes,, I believe this (Blog) topic is to assist individuals seeking direction on how to get your “Go Fund Me” to raise awareness in the public without using Social Media or to possibly answering Q’s  w/ the start up, needing basic knowledge and know-how.

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Hey @Virgonicky I’m sorry to hear about your loss. With GoFundMe, most early donations will come from people you know, so it’s best to reach out to people you are close to at first. Once you get your first couple, you can ask your supporters to share your page to people they know to help you spread the word. This is where new donors might come in. 


For ideas on how to ask your loved ones to share, check out this article here. 



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