I am a veteran with PTSD

  • 10 January 2022
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I don’t know who to turn to and have never needed support more then now.  No family and no longer have any close friends I’ve pushed them away with classic case of PTSD in the military.  Moved states to try to end the pain and start over. Only I have never felt so all alone and now am needing to have brain surgery.  (Which the VA is coving). But I just want to go back home or find a home. Though I have little resources.  No family (both parents and siblings passed) no network from churches or work to lean on  and no contacts to depend on.  I don’t expect miracles but posted a go fund me  and just feel with the lack of people in my life… my post will go nowhere.  Please what can I do

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Hey @annette lawless I am so sorry to hear about the seriousness of what you’re going through compounded with a smaller community. GoFundMe does rely on your personal network, at least at first, to help you kick start it and to pass it to their network. It might not be the right time for fundraising right now, but maybe this is a good sign to start reaching out to people, even online.  There are military vets out there who likely resonate with your situation, and might be able to offer some emotional support or walk you through how they take care of themselves. There are also likely communities on Reddit of people who have to have brain surgery who you could also connect to.


In person contact is important, but sometimes an online interaction can be quite fulfilling and might be a good baby step. I’m not sure if you have Reddit, but there’s a DM feature you can use there. You could find a community of vets like yourself there, read their comments, and see if you relate with anything they said. If you do, you could DM them there, and maybe get to know someone in a way that feels safe to you. 


There’s also local communities on Reddit, where you could chat and get to know people in your town. If you hit it off with someone, perhaps you could start a friendship that will give you the framework to get out there and get to know more people in your neighborhood.  

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