i don't know how this works..

  • 20 September 2022
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I do not know how this works. I put up my post and no one answered    what am I doing wrong?

3 replies

I have the same issue I don't have many friends to share with and I guess it if you have a lot of friends and send it out you'll get your funding but if not nobody cares to look

Same for me. Friends, family, everyone paid no mind. Even with me posting videos. Having no one is hard, having no one you can count on is harder. No one caring brutal. 

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@John Mallett where have you shared it so far? Have you seen these posts on how to ask for donations, and how GoFundMe works in general yet?

With crowdfunding, most of the donations will usually come from people you know by sharing it directly with them. But we also have some posts in the community explaining how to share with people apart from the ones you know as well:


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