I feel like I failed.

  • 4 November 2021
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Over a month ago I put a post about a great need to save the home. One person donated, a doctor I worked for more than 5 years ago. A friend stated it's a shame that no one was willing to help but she made a point if I would have said something about a pet needing a home etc or to save pets home I probably would have gotten all kinds of donations. I for one love pets but I still value human well being and if I can help will, no donation is ever too small and I placed it on social media, Instagram and Facebook. I am not one to ask for help but that was a desperate attempt to try to get some. Had a court date yesterday for eviction, miraculously it was postponed. I only pray as always that things work out and home is not lost. 

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Hey @diatakai from the outside, it may seem like animal fundraisers get more attention than others, but in reality, it’s more about who the fundraiser organizer knows. The more people you know, and who you are close to, the more likely you will reach your fundraiser goal. 


Fundraising requires a lot of energy and effort on the organizers part as well. It’s not just about sharing your fundraiser. It’s also about how you write your story, how you approach the people closest to you, and how financial able those individuals are to give at this time. I would start by thinking about people close to you and what you can do to encourage them to donate. For example, maybe you could involve them in your fundraiser as a team member. 


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