I find fundraising stressful.

  • 15 December 2021
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its like 6am and i cant go to bed and the most recent donor to my gofundme was from a youtuber with 1million subscribers which made me feel like orphan annie for 2 days 

despite months of board postings and link sharings its like the sahara in my gofundme.. twitter, reddit, instagram, tumblr social media platform resources are all exhausted

i feel vulnerable with it up, like yea i really hope exes don’t see me in this condition, but at the same time i’ve continued to keep it up because i’m justified. i pray that i wake up and someone has donated. however i know the pandemic hit hard asf and people really cant and thats fine.

i do not have transportation nor can i stand on my jello legs on I-287 splaying posters up like ive seen others do. theres no one to email, no relatives or friends i still have contact with from high school.

when i stopped working i lost contact from everyone, and i feel like im a hermit with no reach.

 btw, yes i have 3 herniated disks that are set to go under spine surgery soon. i use a cane and walk very slow keep in mind if you give some new advice for fundraising that requires going into the real world

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I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through @buggly! It can definitely be difficult to manage life and also run a fundraiser at the same time. It’s cool that a YouTuber helped you out! Not everyone can say that. 


 Would you like me to review your fundraiser to see if there are any tips I might be able to suggest for you?

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