I have not seen help

  • 19 December 2021
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This is a joke, I thought this was to help people. I've been struggling ever since my wife passed away last December and the only 2 things I have to remind me of her is our dogs, I've posted on social media and everything. but no help.

6 replies

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I feel your pain

What's worse is that I've posted on some group sites on facebook... and they bumped my posts due to some bs rules.…

It's very disrespectful to do that.... No matter what their dumb rules are

We need help and they should allow it and even encourage it....not delete it


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Hey @Salomea Palade and @James Marshburn  I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had some trouble getting some traction, but I’d be happy to help provide some tips if you would like. Just share your fundraiser links below if you would like me to review your story. 

You can also check out the Exchange Fundraiser Advice room if you want to see any other examples of advice already given. A lot of it is universal and can be applied to everyone’s fundraiser. 



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This app & site is to help people, which it does every single day. Just because you specifically are not getting help does not mean it's a joke. Everyone has problems, not everyone gets help tho because people get to choose who they donate to. 

Hi James, I understand completely what your going through. My fiance died 8 yrs ago and I nobody knows how you are feeling but you. People say you will get through it, and ya you will, but having the things so close between you and your wife like your dogs, is what makes it worse. My son looks just like his father to the T, and when he comes to see me nightmares start again..nobody knows how you feel, everyone thinks they do because it's their own and should never compare or tell you it's the same..it's not..I gotta add that I do live maybe 4 blocks from the cemetery where my fiance was buried, I still haven't gone, 8 yrs later. Hang in there, only when you are ready will it get easier..take care of yourself, stacie

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I haven’t got any help yet, but I’m not ready to give up. This site is not a joke. It is possible my link hasn’t been seen by many people.

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Well said @Brandirashellxo.  

@James Marshburn I’m sorry for what you’re going though.  The people who are reading this are probably some of the most empathetic and kind people you will ever meet.  With that being said maybe a change in tone would bring you more success.  Although it doesn’t make your pain any better you have to remember that everyone has to deal with pain and loss and it’s nobodys fault, just a part of life.  If you get angry you’ll alienate people.  Hope you will share your fundraiser here so we can help.

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