Is any GoFundMe too small or ridiculous to be asking for help next to all these horror stories you hear people going through? I don't want to come off frivolously.

  • 17 May 2022
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This is my first time posting for any thing really and after seeing all of the tremendous pain and horrible things these families are going through go fund me shines a light on the fact that their are still good hearted people who are selfish and will help and do care. I almost feel bad that ours is nowhere as meaningful or gut wrenching. To be on her asking along side these people in such pain and need. My advice is to just still believe there is good in humanity. Somewhere! 

1 reply

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Hey @Angie Gibson GoFundMe is for all types of causes. You’re correct that a lot of personal fundraising efforts happen to be around difficult moments in life, but many people also fundraise for school, business, or sports. I see that you’ve ended your fundraiser, but if you decide to come back and try again, I recommend letting the community know. We could offer our tips and advice on your page. 

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