Just looking for encouragement. Keep your head up

  • 9 January 2022
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It's been really hard recently, any encouragement is welcome! Thank you guys. Hope everyone is well!

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Hey @Nicholas Hagglund Life can definitely experience turbulence at times. It can be really hard, but getting through it does build one’s character and teach you things you might not know if you never were put into those positions. You’ll be able to connect to a wider range of people, and people will be more comfortable opening up to you when they know you’ve been through some things. That’s been my experience at least. 


With fundraising, it’s helpful to try to strike a positive and hopeful tone in your story, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. This tone can motivate people to help, since it will make them feel that their donations will make a difference. That “feeling” is the gift you’re providing to your donor. 


I hope that helps! I recommend checking out these resources if you’re just starting out. They have some great tips on how to approach donors. 




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