Just need some emotional support

  • 5 January 2022
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I'm really struggling right now can't afford rent can't afford clothes barely could put food on my table if anyone can please offer some kind words

4 replies

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Hey @Trenton5555 welcome to the community. Sorry you’re going through such a tough time right now, and I hope you keep your head up. Warm wishes for you. 

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Not sure how well you can move around, but a rake, 35 gal trash can, 35 gallon bags can make you a lot of money! Ive been there! You Got This!!! 

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My word of advice to you is “your current situation is not your final destination”. Don’t count the times you’ve fallen down they mean nothing, celebrate everytime you stood back up and regain yourself and your energy. God gives the worst battles to his strongest soldiers , you waking up every single day if proof life isn’t done with you and better days are coming.


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Its ok to have Baggage 🧳 Brother you will always carry it around with you, What ever it may be for any of us. Just don't unpack don't move in there you know  keep carring that Bag Forward the Baggage is tied to you, Not you to the Baggage you decide when to move Forward and when to Stop,,, and you decide one day you may be able to put it down and forget it or maybe it will get lost in your better life. Hope to all and it gets better I promise just have to move one brick at a time never the whole pile and sometimes no bricks at all but it gets better.

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