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  • 2 November 2021
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Hi my name is Chris and life is starting to become unsustainable. I have major home and auto repairs and debt that I am trying to handle and because of my small business I am barely able to scrape by and eat once in awhile while handling all this. Now my computer has crashed which may lead to my business crumbling next. 


I am wondering if there are programs to help finance a computer or a good strategy to get my GoFundMe campaign out there. I hate asking for help but I am now at a critical crossroads between survival and losing everything...

1 reply

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Man, when it rains, it really does pour.

For your type of fundraiser, it may be worth reaching out to your network for more than just financial help. Depending on who people know, they might be able to find someone who can give you deals on home or auto repairs, or even financial advice to get out of debt.

You should still try to fundraise, but just think of your fundraiser as a call to action on your situation. It’s more than just asking for money - you’re looking to rally your network of people you know to help you out of this situation. More heads are better than one after all. 

Start by reaching out to people who you are close to, to talk about your situation, and solutions you’re thinking about. See where their head is at, and if they say they want to help, let them know about your fundraiser or other areas they can assist you, like sharing your fundraiser with their own network. 






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