Looking for people who have been through a similar situation

I've never dealt with death before from someone very close to me. Not even family. Just looking for people who can share their experience and give advice.

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that's  the hardest  thing  in this world  for me also to make a long  story short  my sister  had a son he was  25 it's been like six years  ago  he commented  suicide  he tried  running  his car off the the bridge  but it wouldn't  go he  jumped  out of the car and jumped  into the water  living a 3 year old  daughter  that thought  the world  of him and mother  who to this day  never  been the same all I can say is that night when he jumped  I called his name  all night long praying  and hoping  they would  find  him alive but they didn't  but until  this day I still  find myself  calling  his name I don't wanna  ever  let him go but I know it's ok to let go I hope one day  I see him in heaven  again  tears of happiness 

Prayers are with you.  Life wears on us all, despite my many stress points like so many people deal with I simply try my imperfect best to be a positive experience in the flesh and a person of reason and compassion.  We truly never fully understand the next person battle in life they are currently facing or have faced.  And the impact we are blessed to have with every moment.

I recently lost my mother and my uncle, it's very hard and painful for all of us but especially for me as I was my mom's youngest and fav child, and I was the only one who couldn't be able to attend her funeral, and now by my uncle's death I am so devasted and worried about his kids. Everyday I have to find a reason to live else I feel like I am losing hope and going into depression

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