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  • 1 November 2021
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Good Morning, (Link below)

I have had a very stressful weekend with my PPO insurance and my providers. I had requested to have my insurance verified before I started in which they claimed they accepted my insurance. I asked about copays and they said when they bill they’ll let me know. No charges were made to my card from July 2021 to September 20th 20201. Now they’re saying the previous claims that were processed as $0 balances “will possibly get adjusted to the amount of my copay”. How does the billing department miss that for so many months when I asked months ago about this information? It’s my first time using insurance outside of Medicaid in my entire life. 

Now, my insurance has random claims like $45, $6, etc made by the same provider. When my insurance reached out to them the providers billing department said they don’t take calls on weekends, fine. But you emailed me with this information… on a Sunday. This includes a faulty link they sent me for a Telehealth appointment and labeled it as a cancellation. 

Anyways, I’m deeply anxious and suffer from severe anxiety amongst other medical ailments. I have a fundraiser but I’m also asking for advice should I not be able to negotiate and have them not charge me for their negligence. What should I do? Next steps?

4 replies

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Hi @Emily A. welcome to the GoFundMe Community. Your fundraiser looks deactivated to me, was that intentional? Let us know if you’d like help turning it back on. 

@Cris I actually got my insurance to fight for me with legal assistance! It told me quite some time but I was able to get this portion of bills refunded to me. I literally cried when I heard the news. My insurance had not been billing me correctly. I still have medical bills from earlier in the year, I had couldn’t bring myself to ask further. I decided to pay it since it was part of my eye procedures. It’s a big relief and I think with minimum payments I can somehow manage (being optimistic ☺️).

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Oh hey that’s awesome to hear Emily! Insurance and healthcare can be such a pain to navigate sometimes, glad they’re able to help.

Thanks, post for tomorrow

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