My best friend lost everything and is now homeless due to an apartment fire last weekend. I can't seem to get any views on the "GoFundMe" page I created for him and we are beginning to lose hope.

  • 11 November 2021
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My best friend has recently lost everything and is now homeless after a devastating fire burnt down his and his adjacent apartment building , late last weekend. This has been the most eye-opening experience on how quickly a fire can take control and threaten your life. He was brave and helped others first. He rescued a little girl, their dog and the mom from the second floor. He talked her through how to puncture the screen with a broom stick as the little girl was crying in fear. The flames have blocked the door and the apartment was filled with smoke. They are now safe, thanks to him. He is having to completely start over. All he has is the shirt, sleep shorts and slides from that night. I have posted a GODUND ME page to my facebook as well as shared another that was started but no luck outside of our close friends. One family that were victims of the fire were on the news and were able to get their story out there for help. I am trying to get his story seen by many. I do thank everyone who has donated so far and we greatly appreciate it. It only take one “neighbor” to get the community together to help others in need. THANK YOU REDCROSS AND GOFUND ME. 

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Hey @Courtney Jones If it’s not too late, I would try to go to the local media as well to promote your fundraiser. Before you do that though, be sure to add Glen as a beneficiary for your funds, or explain why you might be handling the money on his behalf. To add him as a beneficiary, click “Withdraw” and then send him an invitation to withdraw.


Next thing I would do is get personal. Reach out to your closest friends, or even post your fundraiser around the neighborhood that the fire took the house. I imagine people nearby would like to help if they hear of a way to.

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