My first novel-editing and publishing fundraiser

  • 10 January 2022
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Let me start by saying, I am raising money to help a dream of mine come true-publishing my first (of hopefully many) novels. I look through some of these fundraisers and my heart goes out to people. Losing everything in fires. Loss of loved ones, etc. I think, how the hell can I be asking for money when these people are going through all this. It is truly something I struggle with. 

What I hope is that, when I get my novel published, that it succeeds enough that I can use at least some of the money that I make to help people that are struggling in such a way. Not only at home but in the world. I really do have philanthropic goals. I think too many people are only out for themselves and I want to be the change that I demand in the world. This truly isn’t a plea, but me putting my thoughts down (I am a writer after all). 

Good luck to everyone who is going through struggles and those, like me, that are simply trying to make a dream come true. The world can be a better place if we all help each other.

1 reply

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