my job requires a Car insurance

  • 17 December 2021
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Hello world well am fighting for a few things staying mentally well. I got layoff off my job.  I been there over 12 years. I work in mental health clinic as a peer specialist. So I had interviewed with telecare I qualified but I have a car and insurance. I have volunteer at standdown which is Veterans that homeless I don't the couple years I have done alot of outreach in the 12 years I volunteer feeding the homeless year in and year out I have work for Nami for 8 or 9 years going thur training to better at my and volunteer and work on the lock ups units about 6 or 7 years I did outreach around my to all the church's in the area. I'm always helping because it's who I am so please help in my cause getting a reliable car. I hope  you all pray to God ask if he  wants you to help 🙏 that's all I can ask for and if get this am going help others on this site. Please hsve a awesome day. Btw I forgot to tell u my nick name at work  is Mr Sunshine really honest it true is that great.

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