Need feedback on my gofundme

  • 6 May 2022
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I really need this GoFundMe to get donations. If you could please look at my GoFundMe and give feed back kn how i can make it better I'd appreciate it. 

1 reply

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Hey @Roseanne Parks I have some suggestions for you. I would start by changing the title to be a bit more eye catching. Something like, “Help Single Mother Keep Working.”


You did a great job with your story, the only thing I might talk about is the situation with your job paying you during maternity leave. Why did they only give you $35? Were they supposed to give you more? If so, how come you chose to go with a GoFundMe over working it out with your employer? If you did try to work it out with your employer, please explain what happened. The more your audience can understand how you got into your current situation, the more likely they’ll empathize and donate! 


Once you’ve fleshed out your story, you’ll need to share your fundraiser with your coworkers, family members, old friends, new friends, or anyone else you have contact with to let them know! With their help, you can keep your car and continue to support your family! 

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