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  • 17 May 2022
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I’m am 36 and in my neighborhood a lot of dogs gets dropped off and left. I love animals I can’t seem to let any animal go hungry nor homeless. I doctor the animals if they need it. My neighbors even bring me there dogs if they get hurt or hit by a car really for anything, to see if I can help them or do they need to see a vet. I am trying to open an animal rescue home for abandon animals. If anyone can help me to open a home for them I really appreciate it. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the animals rescue home.

     Thank you very much

2 replies

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I think this would be something great to take around to your local businesses as the dogs and animals being left there affect them to. Even trying to get a meeting with your local city hall to try to get something going with them.

That amazing  that u do that for the animal's  and all out of ur pocket  .....ur a angel all because ppl just want a certain  breed then don't  want them.....I lived on midwest and Waterloo red in edmond  ok and I swear. Ppl would dump dogs cats snakes anything like ever other day and I do my best to find them a home but angel u are u went above and beyond.....I hope u find ur help..... God bless u I help out but I just  recently  had a house  fire  that took everything almost took my dad ....otherwise I would 

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