People are telling me on social media that I don't deserve the help

  • 25 December 2021
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My question is yes how do do I get People to see my GFM, I have tried all social media's, All I am getting is backlash, People bringing up my past telling telling me nobody is going to help me because I don't deserve. 3 months ago I had a heart attack and I and I passed out and I continued to keep doing that they did an MRI and diagnose me with brain tumors I am starting radiation next radiation next week Monday through Friday and I have asked the community for help due to losing my job and not being able to work or drive to get anywhere. Though my question is how Can I get the word out there. Information would be greatly appreciated.

1 reply

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Hi @Stephanie Alspach, I’m so sorry you’re getting that backlash. I can see you’ve already received some support though, which is great! If you have 1-3 friends or family that support your cause, I would suggest asking them to share your fundraiser to help advocate for you. Asking others to share your fundraiser can also help build more trust with potential supporters.

To start, try browsing through these posts for some ideas on how to get the word out:

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Other ways to share

Let us know if you have any questions from there! 

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