Pet Medical Bills - Why I'm here

  • 26 May 2022
  • 2 replies

I just became a part of the go fund me community due to an unforeseen pet medical condition and it was easy setting up my account. I truly hope I raise at least a little to help but I have high hopes specially after seeing other people succeed with there gofundme’s. 
Im in and hoping for the best alongside Go Fund Me. 

2 replies

I am also new to fundraising never thought about it before until my puppy got sick and the bills at the veterinarian got bigger and I didn’t know what to do and so I googled what to do when you can’t pay for your pets medical bills and go fund me came up so I said OK I’ll try it I am hoping desperately that this does work because if it doesn’t I don’t know how much further I could go with the treatment for my dog thank you to anyone who is reading this just talking about it helps. And I hope everyone gets the help they are looking for and thank you for go fund me because without it I don’t know what people would do it really is a wonderful thing that someone has created it gives hope!

Yes I fully understand. I've recently retire so I could be home with my pets one in particular he has bone cancer in his right leg. I've spent a lot of money but it's starting to put a strain on me financially.

And I have others that are in need to. But he's priority at this moment. may you be blessed in ways to comfort your needs as needed.

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