Trying not to feel down with others put you down asking for help

  • 23 May 2022
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So I have a discussion for everyone.  How do you cope and what do you say when people are mean when you are doing a fundraiser?  I posted for a fundraiser for my son.  He didn’t ask me too and he needs the help to get the dental care he needs before it causes more health issues however there is a certain person I know that is going to go off on me how he should just work for it.  I get that.  My son works very hard at his job and has been looking for a second job but with his social awkwardness and his underlying autism it is hard for anyone to look past his issues during the interview process to understand that he maybe be different but is smart and works very hard in anything does.  It was able to pick up some more hours at his part time job since school is out but unfortunately he still would take a long time to save up to get his dental work done so I put up this fundraiser.  But I know the harassment I am going to get for trying to help him out with this fundraiser.

Does anyone have helpful advise on how to deal with the bullies or people you know that shame you for fundraising? 

Is there a certain thing to say or do to quiet down the judgement? 

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@Rose Lile Often times the judgement you get from someone is related to their own fears, or even guilt about not being able to support. One way to avoid it is to not share your fundraiser with those person. Usually social media platforms will let you exclude certain folks from your promotions if you want to go that route. 


Another option, if you have the patience for it, is to be curious. I had a similar situation with a family member and I asked if they would be open to talking about their concerns with me on the phone, and we were able to work through their feelings together. This isn’t always the best option. It really depends on the person and your relationship. In my case, they ended up being one of the biggest advocates for my fundraiser after they felt heard and after they better understood the scope of the situation.  


Finally, if neither of those options work, then I would focus on ignoring them. Oftentimes bullies are looking for attention or a punching bag, so giving them zero energy besides maybe erasing their comments, is quite powerful!  

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