Victim of domestic violence

  • 11 February 2022
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Hello my name is Tarious I am a victim of domestic violence and it's hard I just lay up sometimes and certain things trigger the bad memories I'm glad I found somewhere I can vent

7 replies

Hey, I totally understand you. I get what you’re going through.

Hello my name is Tarious I am a victim of domestic violence and it's hard I just lay up sometimes and certain things trigger the bad memories I'm glad I found somewhere I can vent

It extremely scary to move forward and move away from that abuser

Hi, I am a new member here and I can totally relate. My mom and I are victims of domestic abuse, my father being the abuser in the family as well as being a convicted felon. Not easy to deal with him. He physically assaulted me bad enough to give me a concussion a few years ago, the day before my little nephew’s birthday (I have family of a younger sis and her kids and hubby in Maryland and mum and I were visiting them for one of my nephew’s birthday). I didn’t call the cops then because I didn’t want my younger sis and her family hating on me for putting my dad in jail for the assault. Fast forward a few years later, mum and I moved to FL, but even then, when my dad still comes to visit, he will assault my mom, and he did that twice. Hitting her in the face where he knocked her glasses off. Now in the current time, the here and now, we are seeking a restraining order against him. He has caused a lot of damage, and destruction of personal property. Last summer he came and threw away all of my mom’s personal belongings, and mothers day and christmas cards, my sisters and I and their families gave her… he destroyed my mom’s Gardenia tree she had for 20 - 30 yrs… and he is slandering the hll out of me with false accusations of being a hoarder. He threw a lot of our things away without our permission and stole things from our house, too. he is an absolute monster, coming back to try and ruin our lives some more. So I can relate to what you guys are going through too. Not ever easy dealing with this sort of thing. Esp when the abuser uses verbal, mental, emotional, physical and psychological abuse and us victims are having a hard time getting much needed support and protection from the law to bar these abusers from our lives. So don’t feel you’re alone because you’re not.

Hi I want to create a safe place for all domestic violence victims all over a easy platform for all resources world wide. I am in a rut right now with my son but when I get out of it with him I want to help other survivors and make it easier to reach out and obtain these resources and to not be discouraged. Please help me in the right direction.

Due to my domestic violence story I am nervous and scared about posting to social media. My story ended in a death.



What do I do

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@Paige Thompson I’m sorry to hear that. It can definitely be tricky to spread the word when social media isn’t an option, but there are some alternatives you can try. Check out this post for some ideas of other ways you can share your page. 

I’m a dv survivor. Right now my baby and I are in a woman’s shelter waiting for housing. How did I get here I was always independent and I have let this man completely cripple me. I have no money. No bank account. Pretty soon I’ll lose all our belongings in storage waiting to get into income based housing and for my assistance application to be processed for cash as well as child support. I have a vehicle thank god. Thank god my father paid that off. I need it but I’m considering selling it. Who am I?  How did I fall so far so fast how did I allow myself to believe the things he told me. I’m praying for a miracle because I’m barely holding on. This kind of desperation is exactly why we go back. They become our crutches. Without them what will we do where will we go? He only kept no more than a half tank in my truck. He didn’t allow me to eat sometimes for days. I’m not allowed to have any money. And I am not allowed to know anything about our finances. I was a prisoner and even though I’m gone he’s still punishing me. My baby turns 1 on Saturday and I have nothing for him… I’ll never allow another man to ever get close to me.

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