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  • 1 November 2021
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I want to say thank you to all who have kindly welcomed me to this community. I felt so uplifted.


9 replies

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Thanks for being part of the GoFundMe Community! 

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Thank you I find it a fascinating place to visit.

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Welcome! I literally have no one helping me maybe because I usually don’t work social media! 

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Heiio, thank you for the welcome. I don’t have many friends on social media. Maybe through this community you will find friends.

Trying to reach out for support with stress and financial problems, I can barely feed my dog and myself for that matter. I am a full time student with debt over taking my life. I need help. 

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@drew gross  I’m sorry to hear of the stress you’re going through. In your shoes, I would definitely start by looking into option regarding any debt. I like Nerd Wallet for their tips and tools, so definitely check out this article here for some options.

In addition to that, I would go into detail about how you arrived at the total for your fundraiser goal. The clearer you are, the better it is for raising money. I would also add some information about how your life would change if you met your goal. This will help motivate donors through the “vision” of your future. 


Finally, you will want to talk to friends, teachers, fellow classmates, coworkers, and anyone you know about your fundraiser. Rally your closest friends and then see if they can rally their closest friends to spread the word through your network. 

@Jules Thank You so much for your support! I will look into everything

Hi I started a gofundme page for my grand daughter 

on yesterday her name is Trinity and she wants to do

competitive cheerleading watch I can't afford so I said let's try gofundme. I'm not a Social media person but do have Facebook and Twitter not many friends. What else can I do to make this a success for her?

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Great question, @Undrea Armour. You don’t need to be a social media person to be successful on GoFundMe. A lot of people can raise money from old fundraising techniques like a bake sale, or  handwritten notes that you send to the homes of your close ones. Just be sure to include the fundraising link, and ask for shares when reaching out to people.


When asking for shares, I would  also try to get specific. Instead of telling someone to just mass share to their social media, I might ask them to specifically share with a couple of people who they are closer to than you are. Someone who might be your acquaintance, maybe their good friend.  


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